GTR – Nerotrend [2nd Unreleased album / first generation tape] *EXCLUSIVE*

Few days ago we featured the reissue of a Nightwing album featuring talented British lead vocalist Max Bacon. Bacon was later part of super-group GTR founded by Steve Hackett & Steve Howe, and their only official album.
However, there was a second album in the making, “Nerotrend“, that never materialized. Bacon sung some of the songs, the others were performed by the exquisite Robert Berry (Alliance UK, Hush). It is very interesting to listen to the different styles of Bacon and Berry on a same song (Young Hearts) and what would have been GTR second album. This really is a must for any GTR collector, and all the musicians involved.
There was a bootleg of this unreleased material, but this is taken from a first generation tape owned by a recording studio employee, with much better sound quality. (thanks to K.V. for this exclusive)
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GTR – GTR [2-CD Deluxe Expanded Remastered Edition]

Esoteric Recordings / Cherry Red Records finally did it: the official release of a 2xCD Deluxe Expanded Remastered Edition of “GTR“, the self-titled 1986 album by Steve Hackett and Steve Howe’s band GTR.
Apart from the much needed remastering, there are also 3 bonus tracks taken from promotional 12-inch singles of ‘When the Heart Rules the Mind’ & ‘The Hunter’ (two of which appear on CD for the first time), plus a bonus CD featuring a terrific GTR live show recorded in Los Angeles in July 1986.

STEVE HACKETT – At The Edge Of Light (2019)

“At The Edge Of Light” is former Genesis STEVE HACKETT twenty sixth studio album (!) about which the pre-release publicity emphasizes Steve’s ‘world music‘ preferences. While on the album he continues his penchant for incorporating musicians and instruments from around the world, they all come under the umbrella of Hackett’s progressive rock roots to create an album so diverse and...

STEVE HACKETT – The Night Siren (2017)

STEVE HACKETT – The Night Siren (2017)

Guitar master and Rock legend STEVE HACKETT (formerly of Genesis) releases his latest album “The Night Siren” on 24th March 2017 through InsideOut Music (Sony). As implied in the title, “The Night Siren” is a wake-up call… the warning of a siren sounding in this era of strife and division, all wrapped by wonderful progressive music. The term “living legend”...

NAD SYLVAN – Courting The Widow (2015)

Singer NAD SYLVAN has been the lead voice in recent Steve Hackett’s Genesis Revisited project, and now he is pleased to reveal his new solo album titled “Courting The Widow“, released today October 16. The former Agents Of Mercy vocalist has been hanging around the Prog community for years but it seems he is finally ready to take center stage...

STEVE HACKETT – Wolflight (2015)

STEVE HACKETT – Wolflight (2015)

* STEVE HACKETT has spent the last few years carrying the Genesis torch across the globe, seemingly reminding anyone who may gave forgotten that he had a lot to do with the much heralded Genesis ’70s period. But never wanting to stay the same for too long, Hackett continues to explore new territory both physically and musically, as is evident...

DAVE KERZNER – New World (2014)

* Over the years keyboard wiz / songwriter / producer DAVE KERZNER has worked with many major artists and producers ranging from Kevin Gilbert to Keith Emerson & ELP, Steve Hackett, Steven Wilson, Alan Parsons, Neil Peart of Rush, Billy Sherwood and countless more.Kerzner, also CEO of the sound design company Sonic Reality and member of the award-winning Progressive Rock...

STEVE HACKETT – Beyond The Shrouded Horizon (2011)

*Steve Hackett is a man who should not require any introduction.Often mentioned as a main source of influence by many guitarists around the globe, Hackett has over 40 years experience making rock music and he shows no signs of slowing down despite having past the age of sixty.What is most striking on this, his brand new album “Beyond The Shrouded...