STEVE EMM – First Strike (2021)

After many past and present collaborations with bands in the Milan area, last year talented multi-instrumentalist STEVE EMM (aka Stefano Mainini) decided to start his own Melodic Rock/AOR project, simply called after his name.
A demo EP immediately caught the attention of STEELHEART Records – the specialized label which releases the ‘Lost Jewels’ series – that offered Steve the chance to complete a full-length album.
The result is simply amazing: 10 incredible songs, written, performed and sang out in the vein of the legendary era of the genre, with clear references to bands like Signal, Lion, King Cobra, Fortune, Icon and Streets.
The debut-album, “First Strike”, is an homage to a sound that has been part of Steve’s life since his youth and that still is in the hearts of many: classy Melodic Rock / AOR.