STEPHEN BISHOP – Bowling In Paris [Digitally Remastered Digipak] (2015)

As requested, here’s the quite rare recent remastered reissue of STEPHEN BISHOP‘s album ”Bowling In Paris”, of special interest not only for the pure ’80s rock&pop sound & style of the material, bur also the top cast of musicians involved.
It was 1989 and you know what to expect from a production of that year handled by expert Michael Omartian and Phil Collins (who also play drums).
We find the best guitarists from the LA session scene like Michael Landau, Dan Huff, Michael Thompson, Steve Lukather, alongside Eric Clapton, Sting, John Keane, Nathan East, etc, and songwriting contributions by the likes of Mark Spiro, Steve Kipner and more.
‘Nuff said; if you are an ’80s dude, this is for you.
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