WALL OF SILENCE – Shock To The System [Japan edition] HQ – out of print

As requested, here’s the awesome, stupendous WALL OF SILENCE only album “Shock To The System” in its Japanese edition. This incredible Canadian Melodic Rock / AOR band featuring ex members of The Works and Mannequin delivered an album that still today is considered one of the best in the genre.
Being produced by genius Streets / Steelhouse Lane guitarist Mike Slamer, you know what to expect here: pristine but punchy bright, glossy late ’80s sound and ton of catchy melodies, FM radio harmonies and lots of keyboards / synths.
This is the kind of melodic rock / AOR of all time we love so much: class, elegance, refined melodies… “Shock To The System” is must have album in your collection, a gem crying for a proper reissue, as this original release (this Japan press sound great) has been out of print for years.

DEVIL’S HAND – Mike Slamer Andrew Freeman [Japan Edition +1] (2018)

No, despite its name, DEVIL’S HAND is not a metal band, but the awesome new and exciting melodic hard rock project consisting in Last In Line’s vocalist Andrew Freeman and famous producer / guitarist / composer Mike Slamer in his comeback to the scene. Their debut album will be released in December via Frontiers Music, and tomorrow in Japan including...

STEELHOUSE LANE – Slaves Of The New World + Metallic Blue [2-CD Remastered]

Requested in one comment, here’s a must have in your Melodic Hard Rock collection: the remastered reissue of STEELHOUSE LANE two albums, “Slaves Of The New World + Metallic Blue” in its 2-CD Digipak including a bonus track.Steelhouse Lane was the ’90s own band / project of uber talented songwriter / producer Mike Slamer, the man behind AOR legends Streets,...