MUNICH’s HARDEST HITS – Melodic Rock Is Back Vol. 5 / Out Of Print

As requested we continue with the legendary series “MUNICH’s HARDEST HITS / Melodic Rock Is Back“, compilation CD’s put together German label Point Music Records, Rock It! Magazine, and one of the first internet Rock radio: MUNICH HARDEST HITS. During the past decade and with the resurgence of the genre, they released the “Melodic Rock Is Back” CD series featuring new bands / artists in this musical style.
While you may recognize several names into this Vol. 5 such as Statetrooper or Renegade, many the artists featured never make it big, but all are darn good. Some of these songs are not available elsewhere.
More to come… Collector’s stuff.
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STATETROOPER – Statetrooper [Digitally Remastered +6]

This is another request here, the reissue version of STATETROOPER‘s self-titled album Digitally Remastered plus bonus tracks. Statetrooper was the band founded by excellent British vocalist Gary Barden following his final dismissal from the Michael Schenker Group in late 1984. After a few fits and starts in terms of line-up, Statetrooper was rounded out by former members of the recently...

STATETROOPER – The Calling [Japanese Edition +1] Out Of Print

Alongside cult classic STATETROOPER self-titled album, it was requested here as well the band’s sophomore effort “The Calling”, this Japanese Edition including an exclusive bonus track.After STATETROOPER disbanded in the ’80d, singer Gary Barden was pretty busy fronting or recording with several acts such as PRAYING MANTIS, SILVER COMPANY OF SNAKES, then STATETROOPER finally re-united in 2004 and put out...