SPEKTRA – Overload (2021)

SPEKTRA, a new, exciting project by BJ, a stellar vocalist from the Brazilian hard rock scene, will release their debut album, “Overload”, next August 6, 2021 on Frontiers Music. SPEKTRA is BJ’s musical brainchild and his first band built from scratch featuring original music inspired by his vast range of influences including Journey, Foreigner, Winger and other melodic and hard rock masters.
The goal is to deliver pure stadium rock melodies and high driven hard rock vibes with music aiming straight for the hearts of melodic rock aficionados.
Produced and overseen by the legendary singer Jeff Scott Soto and Alessandro Del Vecchio, SPEKTRA will introduce BJ’s amazing voice to the international scene in 2021. BJ has recorded and released several albums with Soto, either as part of the Jeff Scott Soto band (‘A Night in Madrid’ CD/DVD, ‘Damage Control’, ‘Loud and Live in Milan’) or S.O.T.O. (‘Inside the Vertigo’, ‘Divak’, ‘Origami’). He is also a member of the latest iteration of Talisman (on keyboards and backing vocals) for their recent appearances at major European Festivals.
And all will be surprised by this album quality…