SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN (David T. Chastain hard rock band) – S G Double 20 (2020)

Among the many projects of rock guitar virtuoso David T. Chastain there’s SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN, where he puts aside the neoclassical / metal riffs and solos in favor of blues-based classic hard rock.
David states, “Listening to the album will obviously bring back memories of the great 70s & 80s blues rock bands such as ZZ Top, Robin Trower and Hendrix influences but in a heavier modern format. Everyone always talks about the great rock guitar during that era, and that is what I wanted to try to recreate. That was the style of music that I was first attracted to when I started playing. This isn’t my typical neoclassical shred album.”
Indeed – and despite the horrible album artwork which does not reflect the music inside – SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN’s new album ”S G Double 20” (Southern Gentlemen 2020) is a hot collection of hard rockers with very classy vocals by talented Eric Johns.
The songs here…