SOUTHERN BROTHERS – This One Goes To 11 (2021)

Pandemic forced musicians from all over the world to stop performing live, however it gave the opportunity for many to explore their creative inspiration. This is the case of SOUTHERN BROTHERS, a band-duo born in 2020.
Bosse Nilsson and Lars “Lunkan” Lundgren are well known names from the Scandinavian scene. That the two make music together is nothing new. They already shared stages in the ’80s as members of bands, and started working professionally together in the 90s.
“Lunkan” has played full time since the ’80s in various acts, while Nilsson focused in songwriting and music production. Last year joined again and SOUTHERN BROTHERS born.
No, despite their name, SOUTHERN BROTHERS are not from America, but Sweden. And while their music on “This One Goes To 11” has a bluesy foundation, they play Classic Rock with Melodic Rock / rock&pop touches…