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SOJOURN – Lookin’ For More [AOR Heaven Special Edition remastered +10]

As requested, here we have the AOR Heaven Records remastered reissue of American AOR / Pomp / melodic rockers SOJOURN first album, 1985’s “Lookin’ For More“, including no less than 10 bonus tracks, all the previously unreleased 1982-1984 demo sessions the band did before the debut LP.
While “Lookin’ For More” was originally released on a small label, the album received radio airplay not only on a local level but throughout Europe, and future look bright for band. Sojourn’s history is indeed a colorful one from appearing on the now legendary compilation ‘Hot Nights In The City’ to a prized spot opening for Mr. Mister.
Sojourn in many ways sound like a development of the classic major bands of that era, playing radio friendly melodic rock with strong AOR / Pomp influences, often compared with BOSTON, JOURNEY, STYX, SURVIVOR, etc…

SOJOURN – Different Points Of View [30th Anniversary digipak remastered +7]

As requested, here’s the 30th Anniversary remastered reissue of American AOR / Pomp / Melodic  rockers SOJOURN second album, 1987-1989 “Different Points Of View“, including 7 bonus tracks.
After their successful debut album, the band set about recording this follow up in 1987, with major label MCA ready to offer a contract. Unfortunately there were some tech problems during the sessions and the album was held up a couple of years. Ultimately, “Different Points Of View” was released in 1989, by which point they decided to pack it in.
Musically, “Different Points Of View” is much more melodic rock oriented than the debut, with that polished sound of American bands of this ilk circa 1987-88