STEFAN BERGGREN – These Are The Times (2021)

Swedish singer and multi-instrumentalist STEFAN BERGGREN (RAZORBACK, SNAKES IN PARADISE) is releasing today his new solo effort “These Are The Times“. With this title and if you had heard BERGGREN’s previous album you’ll have idea of his sound & style; Seventies/Eighties infused classic rock with a very bluesy feeling and comfortable sound – i.e “Superman“ or “These Are The Times“ – and simply rocking tunes like “Burning Burning (Last Band On Earth)“ or the organ-driven ”Wild Flowers” (featuring maestro Don Airey with an impressive solo).
If you are into acts in the vein of BAD COMPANY, FREE, WHITESNAKE or more recent outfits like Goran Edman’s BACKWOOD SPIRIT, then you can’t go wrong here.
“These Are The Times” indeed… the good times of real Rock n’ Roll music.
Highly Recommended

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