SNAKEBITE – 100 Desperate Hearts Live (2020)

With their blend of 80s American hair metal and modern Euro melodic hard rock, SNAKEBITE is one of the strongest and best bands from the genre recently appeared. Now the guys are presenting “100 Desperate Hearts Live“.
I always wonder why younger bands don’t release a live record early on in their career? Perhaps it’s as simple as those younger bands don’t sound that great in a live setting. That certainly is not the case with SNAKEBITE who offer a scorching 12 song set on ”100 Desperate Hearts Live” with a harder edge delivery than what can be found on their two full-length studio albums ‘Princess of Pain’ and ‘Rise of The Snake’ while maintaining their great melodies and harmonies.
A smoking, killer debut live album…

SNAKEBITE – Princess Of Pain (debut album hard to find on CD)

Delivering 10 rocking pieces of classic US styled hard rock, Germany’s SNAKEBITE are presenting their debut CD “Princess Of Pain”. Seems the guys have been picking through their daddy’s record collection, because they rock like it’s 1987.You know, “Princess Of Pain” delivers classic melodic hard rock with some edge.
Following their Eighties’ predecessors, the band likely leans more to the leather and denim party metal than the make up and hairspray of sleazy glam metal. Yes, Snakebite love the late ’80s Sunset Strip scene, but you can’t deny their Germanic origins into the sound.
So, their sound on this debut is like a blend of an early TWISTED SISTER with SCORPIONS, with some VICE (late 80s German band), SHARK ISLAND and BIG RAT in between.

SNAKEBITE – Rise Of The Snake (2018)

One of the surprises of the year when released, SNAKEBITE‘s debut really pleased us with its blend of American hair metal and Euro melodic hard rock. The guys are back with second effort “Rise Of The Snake“, where they have perfected the style, musicianship and production to deliver a joyous slice of ’80s rock n’ roll. There are so many...