SNAKE BITE WHISKY – Black Candy (2021)

Black Candy” is the thunderous second album from Australian heavy rock band SNAKE BITE WHISKY, a four-piece known for their uncompromising, non politically correct rock n’ roll.
Think you are in a sweaty, greasy underground club circa 1987 in Los Angeles. ”Black Candy” bring back that atmosphere, the same rawness of Motley Crue in 1982, or pre Guns N’ Roses ‘Hollywood Rose’ attitude, sleazy, dirty, and extremely fun.
SNAKE BITE WHISKY is one of the few recent bands that was able to capture the essence of that sound into disc – very well executed, recorded & mixed. So if you are fan of the second half of the ’80s US Sunset Strip sound, you better listen to this. These guys are good, very good, and this is a really HOT album…

SNAKE BITE WHISKY – This Side Of Hell (2019)

Australian sleazy hard rockers SNAKE BITE WHISKY are releasing their debut full-length studio album “This Side Of Hell”, and while recorded in Down Under, it sounds like taped back in 1987 in a L.A.
Snake Bite Whisky was formed in December 2014 and after 2 EP’s has quickly established themselves as Australia’s number one sleazy band rapidly gaining a large following in the international glam/sleazy scene.
Likened to early Guns N’ Roses with a healthy dose of Motley Crue and Motörhead’s heaviness, the Snakes are determined to bring the style and attitude of the ’80s Sunset Strip scene, kicking and screaming into the present, bringing something fresh to the global hair metal revival…