SLAVES TO FASHION – The History of Heavy Metal (2021)

In 2020 the heavy metal genre celebrated its 50 years anniversary. Black Sabbath released both their ground-breaking debut album and the mighty “Paranoid” in 1970. Norwegian act SLAVES TO FASHION celebrated this occasion in their own special way; each month of 2020 the band released one new original song that was inspired by, paid tribute to and represented a time period or sub-genre of heavy metal.
Now these songs have now been released as the concept album ”The History Of Heavy Metal”. This was a pretty ambitious project to take on but they seem to have captured the true spirit of each of the genres that are represented here on this release.
A stupendous fictional journey in time from ’70s metal, ’80s NWOBHM & hair / glam, thrash, power metal, etc, carefully written & produced. As example, for the song representing hair metal Beau Hill was hired to mix the track, the song about Sabbath, Purple & Zeppelin was recorded on vintage gear and analog tape machines to capture the right vibe of the good old days, etc.