SLAMMIN’ GLADYS – Slammin’ Gladys (1992 / remastered 2020)

SLAMMIN’ GLADYS had everything to make it big: the catchy hard rockin’ tunes, the hooks, the looks for MTV, and a strong promotion by their label / management. But their 1992 self-titled album arrived too late, right at the tail end of America’s music industry love affair with hair metal.
Slammin’ Gladys had a connection with Warrant, as bass player Al Collins was bandmate of Jani Lane (RIP) in their formative years. Lane not only helped Slammin’ Gladys to get a record deal, but also executive produced this album and co-wrote two tracks, including the minor hit, power ballad ‘Down On Your Knees’ which get a solid airplay on MTV.
With Slammin’ Gladys back into the ring 2021 with the fresh album ‘Two’, their new label is reissuing “Slammin’ Gladysremastered from the original tapes and with the originally intended artwork.

SLAMMIN’ GLADYS – Two (2021)

After almost thirty years, ’80s cult L.A. hard rockers SLAMMIN’ GLADYS are back in action. They landed a respectable hit and a deal with Priority Records in ’92 with “Down On Your Knees,” a hard-hitting ballad co-written with Warrant’s Jani Lane, who also produced the self-titled album.
Chemistry is chemistry, and it’s in short supply, so the foursome — vocalist/guitarist David Brooks, guitarist J.J. Farris, bassist Al Collins, and drummer Stephen DeBoard — reunited.
They took their sweet time doing it, but if they needed a break that long to make such strong comeback as heard in their sophomore album simply titled “Two“, no one’s complaining.
They draw from the best of ’80s / early ’90s rock music – the rocking-est, the moving-est, the catchiest.
Highly Recommended