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SIX FOOT SIX – End Of All (2020)

Some time ago vocalist Kristoffer Gobel (ex FALCONER) was mixing material for his solo album with long-time friend guitarist Christoffer Borg (ex- ART NATION). In the process both musicians exchanged ideas, and a real, tight and hungry band emerged in the process.
Two years later we have “End Of All”, the rocking new album from Swedes SIX FOOT SIX. Completing the line up with experienced Markus Gustafsson (Bass) and Henrik Hedman (Drums), the band delivers hard hitting tunes plenty of catchiness and melody.
Think a mix between the punch of JADED HEART, the melody of PINK CREAM 69, melodic progressive touches ala ALLEN / LANDE, and huge epic choruses like ACCEPT.

SIX FOOT SIX – The Six Foot Six Project (2018)

SIX FOOT SIX was formed by Kristoffer Göbel, associated with acts like Falconer, Destiny and Aldaria. Also joining the project is Christoffer Borg from melodic rockers Taste, performing on and mixing their debut album “The Six Foot Six Project“. Inspired by his childhood musical heroes and all the way to modern rock acts, Göbel decided to write these songs with...