SIMON SAYS – Spin This +6 [remastered reissue] (2020)

Born from the ashes of two local bands, Spectrum and Rawx, Quebec-based SIMON SAYS released “Spin This” back in 1991 with seven songs in the track list. It is now being fully remastered and re-released – limited, numbered 1000 copies – by Escape Music who have given it a new front cover (a roulette wheel as opposed to a spinning top, which is present into the complete booklet anyway) plus an additional six bonus songs.
Originally produced by ex- April Wine guitarist Gary Moffet, I am somewhat at a loss to understand why this wasn’t a major album at the time, so can only put it down to timing as the year this was released was of course the same year as ‘Nevermind’, and labels (as they always do) only want to have the latest sounds and happily ignore anything else.
If this album had come out in the ’80s then I am sure we would all be well aware of Simon Says, as this is a superb polished melodic rock / power pop album with radio appeal…