SILVERTIDE – Show And Tell [Japan Edition +1] *EXCLUSIVE*

One of you requested SILVERTIDE‘s album “Show And Tell” in this rare, hard to find Japanese edition including an exclusive bonus track that really worth the CD price.
Although this came out in late 2004, it wouldn’t have had that hard of a time passing for a hard rock album of about 30 years earlier. In places the sound is very much in the vein of Aerosmith (for whom they’ve opened for on tour), and Walt Lafty’s vocals often ring with the influence of Robert Plant.
The enduring popularity of that classic rock sound has proved there will always be a market for new bands doing the same thing, even young-member acts like SILVERTIDE that weren’t born when many of their influences were in their heyday.
“Show And Tell” rocks greatly, driven by aggressive yet melodic riffs, soaring vocals and melodies galore…
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