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SHOUT (Ken Tamplin) – Shout Back +3 [20th Anniversary Limited Edition remastered] (2019) *EXCLUSIVE*

After many years out of print and celebrating its 20th Anniversary, last year was released this Limited Edition (500 copies) remastered version of SHOUT‘s 3rd album ”Shout Back”, including 3 bonus tracks.
Shout was the 80s hard rock / metal band founded by Ken Tamplin and Chuck King, and after two very good albums they took some time for their solo projects.
In 1999, Tamplin and King got together again for this third effort properly titled ”Shout Back”.
From the rockers like ‘No Way, No How’ or ‘A.D./B.C.’ to the high energy rendition of Rare Earth’s Seventies rocker ‘I Just Want To Celebrate’, Shout delivers 15 songs of classic hard rock music proficiency and excellence, plus 3 bonus tracks originally released on the 1998 European-only release of Where Love Is.

KEN TAMPLIN – Tamplin [Limited Edition Remastered] (2019) *EXCLUSIVE*

Originally released in 1993, ”Tamplin” is KEN TAMPLIN‘s 3rd solo project. It’s hard to believe that this hard rocking album is now 27 years old, as it sounds vibrant and current like if recorded yesterday. Even more with this new remastering, a fat punch in the mouth.
This is Ken Tamplin (Shout) at his absolute best: hard hitting, fist pumping, driving American hard rock.
Although the album went almost undiscovered due to the recording label lack of proper promotion – and grunge dominating the US Rock scene at the time- this is is without a doubt among Ken Tamplin’s finest works.

SHOUT – In Your Face [Limited Edition Remastered] (2019) *EXCLUSIVE*

One of the most rocking and underrated albums from the glorious 1989 year has been remastered in its 30th anniversary: “In Your Face”, by SHOUT. Do you like Whitesnake’s ‘American’ era circa ‘Slip Of The Tongue’? Then you need to check out this killer disc now.
If one wants a high quality Eighties melodic hard rock band with needed elements in the form of catchy songs, soaring vocals and shredding guitar leads – not to mention the spandex and aqua net to go hand in hand – then you can hardly go wrong with Shout.
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SHOUT – It Won’t Be Long +4 [Limited Edition Remastered] (2019)

Formed in the second half of the 80s by talented guitarist Ken Tamplin, SHOUT released 2 killer melodic hard rock records in the late 80s. Titled “It Wont’t Be Long“, this is their debut LP for years out of print but fortunately reissued / digitally remastered with the addition of their ‘Shout 4-track’ shopping labels first professional demo.
One heck of a melody soaked album plenty of anthem hair raising songs. This fresh remaster makes it feel brand new.

KEN TAMPLIN – Axe To Grind +3 [Remastered Gold Disc pressing] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

While many fans and critics have often touted KEN TAMPLIN’s work with Shout (In Your Face) as his best release, the series of “solo” albums he released between 1990 and 1995 were quite impressive as well, particularly this gem “An Axe To Grind“, which was originally released in 1990 under the moniker of Ken Tamplin & Friends. And ‘friends’ are the likes of Ken Mary (House Of Lords) on drums. Chuck Wright (House Of Lords / Quiet Riot) on bass, Mark St. John (Kiss / White Tiger) on guitar, and more.
Pressed on gold disc, fully remastered and including 3 rare tracks as bonus, you’ll be surprised by “An Axe To Grind” sound, American Melodic Hard Rock akin the first Mr. Big album, House Of Lords, etc….
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