SHOTGUN MESSIAH – Shotgun Messiah [Digitally Remastered] Out Of Print

Eighties hard rock fans know the name SHOTGUN MESSIAH very well. The Swedish combo delivered two awesome albums of hook-filled sleaze ’n’ roll with 1989’s self-titled LP Shotgun Messiah and 1991’s Second Coming.
Divebomb Records is the label that finally did it: they are presenting Deluxe Remastered reissues of both albums.
The original tapes have been remastered by Jamie King at The Basement Studios.
Shotgun Messiah may never have become a household name, but they garnered a ‘cult’ audience (count me in) and copies of their long-out-of-print CDs have become hard-to-find, often-pricey collectibles on the secondary market over the years.
These reissues mark the first time both Shotgun Messiah and Second Coming have been available at music retailers since the ‘90s. And of course remastered for the first time, only on physical format.

SHOTGUN MESSIAH – Second Coming [Digitally Remastered]

Divebomb Records has reissued & remastered for the first time two SHOTGUN MESSIAH essential albums (only avalilable in CD). Let’s go now with their second, the Melodic Hard Rock masterpiece “Second Coming“.
If the Rock Gods were fair, then “Second Coming” would’ve gone multi-platinum.
The thirteen songs on this second Shotgun Messiah CD are superb, having a more US hard rock bite that completely blow away…

SHOTGUN (Messiah) – Live; Down Decadencia Drive (2016)

After 25 years of their classic debut Swedes SHOTGUN Messiah are back, with a new album titled “Live; Down Decadencia Drive” to be released tomorrow.Original singer Zinny J. Zan and drummer Stixx Galore (now shortened to just Stixx) decided to reunite to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the debut album, and revive the glory days of Shotgun Messiah now 2016....