SHOTGUN ALLEY – Shotgun Alley [reissue +6]

SHOTGUN ALLEY formed mid 2009 in New Zealand – an atypical land for Melodic Hard Rock – but trust me, these guys know how to rock in the best ’80s tradition. Some of Shotgun Alley’s members have Maori forefathers, but they music is awesomely based on pure ’80s Arena Rock plenty of killer choruses and soaring melodies.
At the time of this release, they already completed various New Zealand & Australian tours and opened for Alice Cooper, Steel Panther and Def Leppard among others.
The bulk of the music for their debut album “Shotgun Alley” was recorded in Los Angeles, then finished in Auckland, produced, mixed & mastered by keyboardist Jimmy Wong.
This is an extremely polished, luxurious collection of terrific catchy tunes with huge guitars, bombastic drums, punchy keyboards…

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