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KENNY LOGGINS – Japanese Singles Collection [Blu-SpecCD2 Japan-only release Remastered] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

We are presenting in exclusive this new Japan-only release: KENNY LOGGINS‘ “Japanese Singles Collection” pressed on Blu-SpecCD2, including all his charting singles in Japan newly remastered.
This is much more than a ‘Greatest Hits’ as we can find here some little gems impossible to find until now, like the awesome 1987 AOR tune ‘Chain Lightning’ originally used in a Japanese beer commercial only released in Japan and for the first time on CD now, or ‘Be Bop A Lula’, also a Japan-only single.
Additionally, there’s the Top Gun movie soundtrack ‘Danger Zone (Single Version)’ which is a different mix, ‘Footloose (Single Version)’ also different, ‘Don’t Fight It’ in a duo with Steve Perry, and more.
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THIN LIZZY – Fighting [Rock Candy remastered / Japan Edition 2xSHM-CD] *EXCLUSIVE*

Continuing with THIN LIZZY‘s discography – requested by many of you regarding which we consider the best sound quality CD pressings – here’s the kickin’ n’ punchy “Fighting“, the fifth studio album by the Irish legends.
Many of the recent THIN LIZZY reissue / remasters were handled by Rock Candy Records headquarters, and ”Fighting” is one of them, a deluxe edition including an extra disc of worthwhile bonuses. The remaster by resident Andy Pearce (assisted by Matt Wortham for the 24-bit cut) is excellent, and on this Japanese edition on SHM-CD feels even better.
After the newly reformed THIN LIZZY with a brash…

THIN LIZZY – Live And Dangerous +2 [Japan SHM-CD remastered LP replica] Out of Print

With the recent – and excellent – THIN LIZZY box set presented here, many of you asked for the band’s albums in its best sound quality CD press. 0dayrox team, being a big Lizzy fan, will select what we consider the best of them.
Now it’s the time (more to come) to the Lizzy’s iconic double “Live And Dangerous”, one of the greatest Rock albums captured Live ever.
This is the Rock Candy Records / Andy Pearce remaster, but the Japanese release on SHM-CD housed in a mini-LP cardboard sleeve faithfully replicating the first UK LP pressing. Includes two extra tracks discarded from the original LP/cassette for the lack of physical space.
“Live And Dangerous” is included in the book ‘1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die’,’s ‘The Greatest Live Album Top 40′, and British music magazine NME ranked the album at No. 1 in its ’50 Greatest Live Albums of All Time’.
Need more proof?… crank it to 10 and then tell me.
A Must Have
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THIN LIZZY – Chinatown [Japan SHM-CD remastered / My Generation, My Music series] out of print

With the new – and excellent – THIN LIZZY box set presented here, many of you asked for the band’s albums in its best sound quality CD press. 0dayrox team, being a big Lizzy fan, will select what we consider the best of them.
Now it’s time for the underrated “Chinatown“, and our choice is this very hard to find, now out of print, remastered SHM-CD appeared as part of the Universal Music Japan series ‘My Generation, My Music’.
Sure, the deluxe edition is cool including some live / rehearsal material, however this remaster is better in our opinion, warmer, almost in an analog LP style (which is better)…

THIN LIZZY – Thunder And Lightning [Japan SHM-CD remastered] *EXCLUSIVE*

After the recent – and excellent – THIN LIZZY box set, many of you asked for the band’s albums in its best sound quality CD press. 0dayrox team, being a big Lizzy fan, will select what we consider the best of them.
Thunder And Lightning” is very special album. It marked the end of an era. It was March of 1983 that THIN LIZZY released ”Thunder And Lightning”, which would end up being their final effort of original material prior to the death of Phil Lynott in early 1986.
Sure, there’s the Deluxe Edition out there, remastered and with a bonus disc of demos/live (which is good but noy essential), but this Japanese edition on SHM-CD sounds better. It uses the previous remaster than the Deluxe, and it feels more warm and ‘vinyl’.
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THIN LIZZY – Renegade +5 [Japan SHM-CD mini-LP remastered] Out Of Print

After the recent – and excellent – THIN LIZZY box set, many of you asked for the band’s albums in its best sound quality CD press. This team, being a big Lizzy fan, will select what we consider the best of them.
In the case of ‘Renegade’, the Deluxe Edition wins, simply because it adds worthy material as bonus; rare singles, versions, and a B-side, all recorded at the same sessions. This Japaneses edition on SHM-CD is out of print now.
A criminally underrated album into THIN LIZZY discography, “Renegade” it’s a very good record. Naysayers compare this with the band’s previous albums, and man, it’s hard to top those in terms of quality.
“Renegade” has a charm of its own, with tracks like “Hollywood” or “Mexican Blood” endearing themselves to you rather than crashing onto the scene like classic tunes of old.
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BON JOVI – 2020 [SHM-CD Limited Edition / Japan Bonus Tracks] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

As requested, here’s the Japanese Limited Edition on SHM-CD of BON JOVI‘s new album ”2020”, including bonus tracks and a superior sound quality – if you don’t believe it, better check out this.
This is not your momma’s Bon Jovi. Tommy and Gina aren’t wild in the streets anymore. It’s 2020, and these days, no one’s having a nice day as a virus kills hundreds of thousands of citizens, and millions remain out of work.
Bon Jovi, the Jersey Boys who have always radiated a sunny, we-got-this optimism, have a new album named after the dismal year in which

JIMMY PAGE – Outrider [Japan SHM-CD Ltd. mini-LP Remastered] Out Of Print

With the Coverdale / Page posts featured here, it is almost mandatory to present as well JIMMY PAGE 1988’s solo album “Outrider“, a terrific record featuring the likes of Jason Bonham, Barriemore Barlow, Tony Franklin, Robert Plant and more.
I love this album, and the version of the classic tune ‘Hummingbird’ is the best I ever heard, and worth this disc alone.
This out of print, Japanese min-LP replica limited numbered remastered release on SHM-CD really makes a difference in sound quality.
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COVERDALE / PAGE – Coverdale • Page [Japan Mini-LP Blu-specCD] Out of print

It’s been almost 30 years since Jimmy Page and David Coverdale joined forces for an album eventually released in 1993 as COVERDALE • PAGE, a fascinating alliance of two hard rock legends. While some first time Page fans initially didn’t liked the venture, they recognize “Coverdale • Page” is the best thing the guitarist did since Led Zeppelin.
This is a terrific classic rock album, varied, with rockers, ballads, blues, great performances and a fantastic production. This Japanese edition Mini-LP replica on Blu-specCD adds more depth to the huge drum sound.
In our opinion, an underrated gem, and a must in your collection.

TWISTED SISTER – Love Is For Suckers [Japan SHM-CD remastered +4] Out Of Print

Here’s the rare, out of print Japanese edition on SHM-CD of TWISTED SISTER‘s “Love Is For Suckers“, remastered plus 4 bonus tracks housed into a mini-LP replica cardboard.
This fifth Twisted Sister studio album is in fact a Dee Snider solo record. The material was originally meant to be the first Snider solo album, but the recording label pushed for it to be released under the Twisted Sister name instead.
This Japanese SHM-CD sound is louder than the European (German press) remastered version…

PAT BENATAR – In The Heat Of The Night [Japan SHM-CD miniLP remastered]

As requested, here’s the remastered Japanese reissue on SHM-CD of PAT BENATAR‘s debut album ”In The Heat Of The Night”. The LP surprised both rock fans and critics, and also industry, peaking at No. 12 Billboard album chart and delivering Benatar’s breakthrough hit “Heartbreaker”, the top-30 single “We Live for Love”.
I still remember, in the early ’80s, hearing “Heartbreaker” all day in heavy radio rotation. The song was everywhere.

PAT BENATAR – Crimes Of Passion [Japan SHM-CD mini-LP remastered] Out Of Print

Today August 5 is the 40th-year anniversary of the release of PAT BENATAR‘s sophomore album ‘Crimes Of Passion‘, and what a better way to celebrate it with its Japanese edition on SHM-CD, remastered.
Benatar is one of the pioneers of the 80s female-fronted rock explosion and her first few albums rocked with the best of them.
Produced & Engineered by master Keith Olsen, ‘Crimes Of Passion’ definitely put Benatar into the spotlight, and remains as her biggest selling career album, having been certified 4x Platinum riding on the success of songs like “Hit Me with Your Best Shot”, “You Better Run” or “Treat Me Right”, while…

HEART – Magazine [Audio Fidelity SACD AFZ 171 Numbered Edition] Out Of Print

Here we have a very interesting choice of album for Audio Fidelity specialists to tackle: “Magazine“, by HEART, remastered by Steve Hoffman and pressed on a wonderful sounding SACD. “Magazine” was certainly commercially successful on its first release in Canada and the U.S., albeit in an unauthorized version that the record company released rather spitefully following fractious attempts by the...

HEART – Dreamboat Annie [Japan SHM-CD remastered]

As part of the Universal Japan reissue campaign of various ’80s Rock artists / albums from their back catalog on SHM-CD, all remastered and with reduced price, among the artists included there’s HEART. Here’s the requested “Dreamboat Annie“, the debut album by Heart regarded by first time fans as their best. Three of the songs turned hit singles which became...

YES – High Vibration SACD Box [Japan Ed. Bonus Disc WPCR-14678]

Appeared in 2013 and out of print now, this Japanese limited edition box set titled “High Vibration” packed 16 YES discs pressed on hybrid SACD of Yes material from 1969 to 1987, featuring all of the band’s studio albums from that time period all in replica paper-sleeve packaging, plus this awesome Bonus Disc of rarities, bonus tracks and remixes. The…