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EAGLES – Eagles [Original Master Recording / Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab SACD] (2021) HQ

Mastered from the original analog master tapes, Mobile Fidelity’s numbered-edition hybrid SACD of EAGLES debut album ”Eagles” pays tribute to the record’s merit and enhances the intimate program for generations to come. Playing with reference sonics that elevate an effort forever prized by audiophiles, this spectacular version provides a clear, clean, transparent, balanced, and intimate view of an album that permanently made California-style rock a style of its own.
Despite of being released only a month ago, this SACD Limited Numbered Edition is already out of print, and due to its demand a second press is in the making.
Eagles’ self-titled debut played a significant role in changing the face of mainstream music while setting up a dominant run that’s continued for nearly five decades. Produced by Glyn Johns, and home to three massive hits, Eagles established a cleverly restrained, Los Angeles-bred style…

DIAMOND HEAD – Canterbury [Japan remaster SHM-CD +3] HQ

As requested, here’s the out of print Japanese remastered release of DIAMOND HEAD‘s 1983’s album ”Canterbury”, as part of the reissue series ‘My Generation, My Music – Back To The Rock Years 1983-1987’ pressed on SHM-CD including 3 bonus tracks, now out of print. Originally, ”Canterbury” was only released on CD in Japan making it a highly collectible item.
Here, as happened with many NWOBHM acts, DIAMOND HEAD opted for a more commercial sound with a melodic hard rock groove and some AOR touches, including keyboards & synths. The band not only was looking for mainstream success, but as an attempt to show that they could write more than just ‘metal’ songs…

Y&T – In Rock We Trust [Japan SHM-CD mini-LP remastered +1] *0dayrox Exclusive*

As requested, here’s the quite hard to find, out of print remastered Japanese reissue on SHM-CD of Y&T‘s classic album “In Rock We Trust“, as part of the ‘My Generation, My Music / Back To The Rock Years 1983-1987’ series.
Apart from the great sound quality, this release includes as bonus track the stupendous studio version of the song ‘Go For The Throat’.
“In Rock We Trust” was the definitive breakthrough album for Y&T, becoming the band’s highest charting album at the time, reaching No. 46 on the Billboard 200 and coming close to gold status the year of its release (it hits the mark later).
Only at 0dayrox

WHITESNAKE – The Best Of Whitesnake [Japan UHQCD] (2021) *0dayrox Exclusive*

Universal Music Japan has just released a UHQCD (Ultra High Quality CD) of “The Best Of Whitesnake“, the band’s first ever ‘best of’ originally appeared in 1982, and of course, compiling material from their first four albums.
This cardboard sleeve mini LP faithfully replicating its Japanese first pressing LP / OBI design, features a DSD transfer using the original master tapes – untouched. Hence, this is not remastered nor tweaked in any form, trying to capture the original vinyl LP sound and dynamics.
Here we have songs recorded between 1979-1982 on analog equipment, and to be honest, most of the music recorded this way sounds better as it is.
Only at 0dayrox

SAMMY HAGAR – Three Lock Box [Japan SHM-CD remastered Limited Release] HQ

Requested by many, here’s the really good SAMMY HAGAR album “Three Rock Box“, in its pristine Japanese remastered edition pressed on high quality SHM-CD, now out of print.
Sammy Hagar hit a nerve with his previous LP, and this follow-up “Three Lock Box” would prove not only that its predecessor wasn’t a fluke, but that the Red Rocker was in a legitimate groove when the album was released on Nov. 30, 1982.
According to Hagar himself, “Three Lock Box” is one of his favorite solo albums. Working with skilled producer Keith Olsen, this new effort was surrounded by a lush sound design, and collaborations from renowned AOR musicians such as Loverboy’s Mike Reno, Journey’s Jonathan Cain, future Mr. Mister’s Richard Page and Giant’s Alan Pasqua, among others.

SAMMY HAGAR – Standing Hampton [Japan SHM-CD remastered Ltd Release] HQ

Requested by one of you, here’s “Standing Hampton“, another SAMMY HAGAR album in its pristine Japanese remastered edition pressed on high quality SHM-CD, now out of print.
“Standing Hampton” is Hagar’s first album for Geffen Records, and some kind of breakthrough for his solo career achieving RIAA certification eventually going platinum, and five of its singles charted in either the mainstream rock or pop singles charts.
Produced by expert Keith Olsen, the first half of “Standing Hampton” is an incredible 21 minutes of rock and roll to feed both your brain and your adrenaline.
Here’s “There’s Only One Way to Rock”, who went on to be one of Hagar’s biggest solo hits and a signature…

FOREIGNER – 4 [Limited Edition Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab MFSL / SACD] FULL

It finally happened: one of my favorite albums of all time, FOREIGNER “4”, received a Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab (MoFi) remaster treatment. This Numbered Limited Edition Hybrid SACD is a sonic Heaven.
Mastered from the original tapes, Mobile Fidelity’s hybrid SACD presents “4” in a room-filling, stadium-big sound that simply crushes what’s heard on all prior digitally remastered versions.
This is 42 minutes of Melodic Hard / AOR bliss with a crystalline remastering treatment courtesy of Shawn R. Britton at Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab on The Gain 2 System.

Mr. BIG – Lean Into It [30th Anniversary Edition MQA-CD + bonus disc of unreleased] remastered 2021

Asian specialized record label Evolution Music are releasing this magnificent ”Lean Into It 30th Anniversary Edition MQA-CD + bonus disc of unreleased”, Mr. BIG‘s million-selling second effort fully remastered 2021. This is one of the ever-green albums of ’80’s style rock that transcends the years, and 2021 is the 30th anniversary of the original release.
And because Mr. Big were/are ‘big in Japan’ the two-CD deluxe edition is on the MQA-CD format. This stands for ‘Master Quality Authenticated’ discs.
And we said ‘discs’ because this deluxe edition has a bonus CD with previously unreleased tracks, early versions, non-album track ‘Strike Like Lighting’ (featured in the film Navy Seals) and tracks with either ‘minus bass’ or ‘minus guitar’ so all you budding musicians out there can play along (cool idea).
The sound quality if this 2021 remastering makes this ”Lean Into It 30th Anniversary Edition MQA-CD + bonus disc of unreleased” the definitive version of this must have album…

PAGES – Pages 3 [Japanese remaster SHM-CD] Out Of Print

Requested by many here, the last, self-titled album by PAGES in its Japanese remastered edition on SHM-CD is a must have. This was a Limited Release which turned out of print soon. Not to be confused with the ’78 self-titled debut – this ‘Pages’ is their 1981, final album.
“Pages” not only is a superb AOR album, but also the sound of this remastered reissue on SHM-CD is terrific.
Before achieving world-wide success with Mr. Mister, Richard Page founded Pages alongside keyboardist / vocalist Steve George in the late Seventies. The duo released 3 delicious albums, being this last “Pages”, a true representation of pure US AOR / FM music from the early ’80s, a showcase of the best L.A. session musicians on show.
We have here masters like Jay Graydon on guitar, Neil Stubenhaus & Abraham Laboriel…

WINGER – In The Heart Of The Young +2 [Japan SHM-CD remastered] WB ’80s HR&HM Cardboard Sleeve Series

As requested, here’s the Japanese remastered version pressed on SHM-CD of WINGER‘s second, killer album “In The Heart Of The Young”, as part of the Warner Records ’80s HR&HM Cardboard Sleeve Series.
This Japanese mini-LP replica release features a different bonus track from the Rock Candy release, and in terms of quality are pretty similar, perhaps the SHM-CD sounding clearer in the mid-range frequencies. It’s a great balanced sound, the close you can get to a brand new vinyl LP. It’s vibrant, glossy, pumpin’…

WINGER – Winger +3 [Japan SHM-CD remastered] ++

As requested, here’s the Japanese remastered version pressed on SHM-CD of WINGER‘s self titled debut, as part of the Warner Records ’80s HR&HM Cardboard Sleeve Series.
1988 was a definitive year for two very important entities in the Melodic Hard Rock world; the self-titled debut by WINGER established producer Beau Hill as one of the most brilliant gurus for the genre, and catapulted the band of Kip Winger & Reb Beach to stardom.
This Japanese mini-LP replica release features a different bonus track from the Rock Candy release, and in terms of quality are pretty similar, perhaps the SHM-CD sounding clearer in the midtones….

STYX – Edge Of The Century [Japanese SHM-CD Limited Edition]

Some years ago appeared a great Japanese nine-album cardboard sleeve (mini LP) reissue series of STYX on high quality SHM-CD, a Limited Edition turned out of print soon.
Here’s the very good “Edge Of The Century“, the twelfth studio album by Styx, released in 1990. It was the first (and only) Styx album featuring Glen Burtnik, replacing Tommy Shaw, at that time busy with Damn Yankees. It was also the last album to feature John Panozzo on drums (he would die six years later of gastrointestinal hemorrhaging).
Seven years after breaking up, Styx were back in business, testing the commercial climate for richly arranged harmonies and Melodic Hard Rock tunes.
Indeed, “Edge Of The Century” hasn’t that classic Styx sound, but it’s a superb Melodic Hard Rock / AOR album with the awesome, glossy, polished production of the genre around 1989/91.
Burtnik contributed half of the songs…

JUDAS PRIEST – Sad Wings Of Destiny [Japanese Platinum SHM-CD remastered] Out Of Print

As requested, here’s the remastered Japanese Platinum SHM-CD limited release of JUDAS PRIEST‘s “Sad Wings Of Destiny“. The sound quality is simply awesome, one of the best we ever heard in this format. The platinum coat make wonders, and takes the album to other sonic level.
With this album, Priest began to create the heavier rhythms and strong twin melodies which helped to pave the way for the still malleable metal genre.
Independent label Gull Records provided a mere £2,000 for Judas Priest to lay down what would become one of metal’s most revered and influential albums and, arguably, the first true bona fide traditional heavy metal album.
For us, ”Sad Wings of Destiny” is a classic, and never sounded better than on this Platinum SHM-CD…

CHEAP TRICK – Cheap Trick +10 [Japan BluSpecCD2 remastered miniLP]

Finishing with the excellent CHEAP TRICK Japanese BluSpec CD2 remastered versions – mini-LP paper sleeve collection – with loads of bonus tracks, here’s the band debut “Cheap Trick“, on this reissue almost featuring a bonus album ‘cos we have no less than 10 bonus tracks, including rare alternate versions, outtakes, etc.
In February of 1977, Cheap Trick unleashed its self titled debut on an unsuspecting public. Like most of Cheap Trick’s history, the facts are uncertain; there’s no exact release date to be found, but anyone who was there suggests that it was around the first week of February. This is very on brand for the band: the album liner notes explain that Cheap Trick is a band without a past.
With its first record, Cheap Trick created something truly unique, which has been both a blessing and a curse for the band over the past four+ decades…

CHEAP TRICK – In Color +7 [Japan BluSpec CD2 remastered miniLP]

Reaching the end with the excellent CHEAP TRICK Japanese BluSpec CD2 remastered versions including loads of bonus tracks, here’s their second studio album ”In Color” nicely augmented with 7 extra songs, all collectible material.
Cheap Trick’s self-titled debut album showed the band was capable of playing tough rock ‘n’ roll with the best of the era. But it was their second LP, ”In Color”, released just seven months later, that proved they had a melodic, pop side to them too.
”In Color” was guided by Tom Werman, an A&R man who signed Cheap Trick to Epic Records and had previously worked on Ted Nugent’s albums and would become an ’80s hard rock top producer.
Simply put, Cheap Trick polish their sound and made a Power Pop Classic with ”In Color”. It’s incredible, but now, more than 40 years after released, you never get bored listening to these early Cheap Trick albums. And this remaster is pure gold…