SHAYNE MALONE – Symphony (2020)

As we already heard on SHAYNE MALONE‘s previous albums, his new 2020 effort “Symphony” showcases the love for ’80s anthemic Melodic Hard Rock bands by this New Zealand musician.
Varied influences – but with Shayne’s own touch – are all over these songs, from BLUE TEARS or CASANOVA on ‘Digital Soldiers’ or mid-Eighties BON JOVI on the catchy ‘Even Roses Bleed’, to WINGER on tunes like ‘Warm Up My Heart’.

SHAYNE MALONE – One (2017)

After the new album by SHAYNE MALONE featured here, some of you asked for his debut “One“. This is just another wonderful 10-track Melodic Rock CD with that classic 80s imprint all over. As we already heard on Malone’s new album, his last year debut “One” showcase the love for ’80s anthem Melodic Hard Rock bands by this New Zealand...

SHAYNE MALONE – Rocket (2018)

“Rocket” is new album by SHAYNE MALONE, a New Zealand based artist which once more confirms that you don’t need a big recording label behind to create a very good, complete music album.Shayne love the ’80s, anthem Melodic Hard Rock bands like Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Motley Crue and Whitesnake – all mentioned in his Bio as influences – and...