SHANGHAI’D GUTS – Life Ain’t Nothing But A Joke (1995) Rare Albums

Now here’s a requested rarity – a not so easy to find CD – 1995’s “Life Ain’t Nothing But A Joke“, the last album from Germany hard rockers SHANGHAI’D GUTS. While this five-piece started operations in the ’80s playing a sleaze / glammy influenced brand of hard rock, for this album the guys changed a little in favor to a more classic rock affair.
“Life Ain’t Nothing But A Joke” is driven traditional guitar riffs, but the band not only added classic Hammond B3 organ to their sound, also a bluesy background. You find songs influenced by Jimmy Page solo material, The Quireboys, Mott, Black Crowes, some ’80s Rolling Stones, etc.
The interesting thing about “Life Ain’t Nothing But A Joke” – apart of the good songwriting and musicianship – is the different approach than the aforementioned bands in terms of production / mix. SHANGHAI’D GUTS use defined pan/stereo tracking for the guitar layers, the vocal harmonies, even on one song the drums are only heard in one side channel.
Quite rare and good stuff – Highly Recommended