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SHANGHAI – Take Another Bite [band own remaster + 2019 new track]

Originally only released in Japan, 1991, SHANGHAI debuted with the nine song “Take Another Bite” album, produced / engineered by the great Jeff Cannata and James Christian (House Of Lords), who also sang backing vocals.
For the album’s 25th anniversary there was an expanded reissue (featured on this blog), but now Shanghai are releasing their own remaster with the original artwork plus the bonus track ‘Mutha F’king Rock Star’ which was recorded by original member Tony Childs (guitar) and Jayde (vocals) in 2019 as a tribute to bassist Jodi Reese (RIP).

SHANGHAI – Take Another Bite [25th Anniversary Collector’s Edition Remastered +6]

Fulfill this request (placed in one comment) is a real pleasure: the 25th Anniversary Collector’s Edition remastered reissue of “Take Another Bite” by SHANGHAI. Originally released in 1991 only in Japan, this is one of the best kept secrets – and unknown by many – from the late US Melodic Hard Rock scene. Hailing from Connecticut, Shanghai appeared a bit...