SHADOW & THE THRILL – Sugarbowl (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

We’re presenting in exclusive at 0dayroxSugarbowl“, the upcoming debut album by SHADOW & THE THRILL. Shadow & The Thrill is the product of the talents of vocalist / guitarist Tony Cardenas-Montana, best known for his extensive tenure in Great White and it’s subsequent variation, Jack Russell’s Great White, and drummer / keyboardist Brentt Arcement, a renowned musician and producer having worked with the likes of Fiona Apple, BulletBoys, etc.
What we have here is a terrific collection of songs with a bluesy, rocking foundation in the style of Badlands, Night Ranger-Gary Moon era, Gary Moore, Tesla, and of course Great White.
Production is fantastic, crisp, and all these songs timeless and melodic.
Only at 0dayrox