SETKA – Silent Warning (2020)

Silent Warning” is the title of the new album from American musician / songwriter George SETKA. His story is pretty curious: he started studying music at his twelve years old and wrote a lot of songs when he was younger, but beginning in December of 2009 George had some health issues. After recovered, something happened and he began to feel very creative.
He found the miraculous ability to write many different styles of music. In fact, he wrote so much songs in short time that he recorded 3 albums at the same time.
“Silent Warning” is SETKA seventh effort, and you’ll be surprised by his stupendous voice, the overall instrumentation / production of the album, and the quality songwriting.
Seriously, ranging from traditional hard rockin’ riffs to bluesy overtones, “Silent Warning” is a great compendium of Classic Rock’s last 4 decades.
Think DON BARNES ’80s album ‘Ride The Storm’, JIM PETERIK solo (World Stage), some .38 SPECIAL, etc. This is Good, VERY Good stuff.