SECRET ALLIANCE – Revelation (2021)

Revelation” is the new album from SECRET ALLIANCE, the band founded by Italian guitarist Gianluca Galli (Silver Horses & Mantra) initially as his solo project, but found he was wanting to create music with some extra complexity involved.
For ”Revelation” he recruited the skilled Ricardo Confessori (ex-Angra) and fantastic bassist Tony Franklin to round out the constant members in every song. There’s some guest musicians on this futuristic/sci-fi inspired album including awesome guitarists Frank Gambale and Alex Masi.
Mixing melodic prog metal with hard rock pulse, the songs here obviously are guitar-driven and including several duel with keyboards, all with catchy rhythms (Franklin’s terrific bass groove) and the soaring, powerful clean vocals of Andrea Ranfa (ProgressiveXperience).
Whether you listened to SECRET ALLIANCE before or not, you need to taste ”Revelation” as Galli has changed the sonic approach here: musically this is progressive but with a lot of classic hard rock feeling going around, groovy, catchy, and with a stupendous pristine production.