SECOND REIGN – Gravity (2021)

Released today, “Gravity” is the debut album for new Swiss band SECOND REIGN. What started as only recording a few songs to get gigs and releasing them as singles, turned into a lengthy songwriting process and the recordings of the band’s very first studio album.
Formed by experienced musicians, the name of the band isn’t casual: SECOND REIGN refers to that although 40 years have passed since then – the ’80s can be revived in a modern and contemporary way, combining the best of both worlds.
Yes, these guys aim to an ’80s melodic hard rock / AOR ‘Second Reign’ in 2021. With that classic catchy guitars, smooth vocals, huge drums, and keyboard / synths balancing the whole thing, “Gravity” brings back the classic era for the genre but with a 2021 sauce.
Coming out of nowhere, SECOND REIGN is one of the surprises of the year, for fans of CRYSTAL BALL, GRAND DESIGN, BONFIRE, AXEL RUDI PELL, etc…