SCOTT SPRINGER – Hello Forever (HALO 3) [Digitally Remastered] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

While released under the name of vocalist / songwriter SCOTT SPRINGER, 1993’s titled “Hello Forever” is in fact the third HALO album, now fully remastered / reissued after many years out of print.
Again produced by John & Dino Elefante – even this time they play instruments all over the record as well – and mixed by expert Neil Kernon (DOKKEN, SCORPIONS, KANSAS), on this ‘third HALO’ album they mix early Nineties AOR with the melodic side of ’80s KANSAS.
It’s a varied album, from the radio friendly “Anytime” or the elegant AOR of title track, to the punchy “Psycho Babble” which rocks in the vein of first album or “The Victory” adding acoustic to the mix with a certain KANSAS sound. Oh, and don’t forget the ’80s-type midtempo AOR of “Promises”.
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HALO – Life Goes On [Previously Unreleased 1982 recording] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

With the recent reissue / remasters of HALO albums, they found tape buried deep in the vaults. It’s a bunch of songs the band recorded in 1982, now 2020 for the first time ever coming to life under the title “Life Goes On“.
At the time, HALO were a hard rock oriented band. The entire album is filled with Van Halen-like guitar riffs. Seriously…. every song is a guitar filled rocker and most of it actually sounds like Eddie Van Halen in the background, especially if you ever listen to Van Halen’s debut (1978) with Eruption and Runnin’ With the Devil.
You get to hear early incarnations of 2 songs re-arranged for HALO’s first 1990 album, however there’s also 9 songs never before released and thought to have been missing forever.
This is HALO 1982. Even after a conversation with John Elefante, he expressed that he never even knew that this recording existed but just knew the band had been touring around and playing non-stop for almost an entire decade before he signed them to the label.
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HALO – Halo (30th Anniversary Edition) + 4-Song Unreleased Demo (remastered 2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

Formed in the early ’80s, AOR / Melodic Rock American band HALO had to wait until 1990 to release their debut album. It was 1989 when Halo’s demo was presented to John Elefante who quickly got the band into his studio to produce their first full length offering, which contained a perfect slice of classic hard-edged AOR stuff next to AVIATOR, ALLIES, JOURNEY and of course, Elefante’s MASTEDON.
With heavenly layered choruses, relentless and driving guitars, swirling keyboard splashes and a tightness you could only expect from a band together for a decade, HALO’s album checks all the boxes for a classic that transcends any rock and roll era.
Long time out of print, now Girder Music is remastering/reissuing this terrific album, “Halo (30th Anniversary Edition)” plus the previously unreleased demo that started it all.
Seriously, this is awesome US AOR / Melodic Hard stuff…
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HALO – Heaven Calling +4 [Digitally Remastered] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

Long time out of print, Girder Music is remastering/reissuing HALO’s second album, 1991’s ”Heaven Calling”, plus 4 bonus tracks. Produced by John &Dino Elefante (MASTEDON, KANSAS) with their unmistakable pristine style, ”Heaven Calling” is more ‘early ’90s AOR’ than its predecessor, at places bringing to mind JOURNEY’s ‘Trial By Fire’ era, WHITEHEART, Canadian bands from the genre, and of course MASTEDON melodious side.
This is pure, unadulterated ’90s AOR in all its glory, with a crystal-clear remastering job.