SAVE THE WORLD – Two (2021)

They say freedom lies in being bold. For the accomplished professional musicians in the modern arena rock act SAVE THE WORLD, that means taking time out of their hectic schedules to form a band that plays the music they love, and then paying forward the good vibes with soaring hooks and uplifting messages.
Save The World is formed by chief songwriter Dan Tracey on guitar, vocals, keyboards, Robert Wright on bass, vocals, keyboards, Taurus pedals, percussion, producer, engineer, and Jon Wysocki on drums. The trio pens emotionally charged songs with rich, melodic choruses, playing music that forgoes genre conventions in favor of a signature sound that’s modern, anthemic, and refreshingly dynamic.
With a debut album “One” which started to make waves in the rock world and a new record “Two” – both via Frontiers Music – Save The World is a band to lookout for if you like hard melodic rock with hints of light progressive music and a strong modern sound…

SAVE THE WORLD – One (2017)

What do you get when you combine a skilled session vocalist and member of the current Alan Parsons Project with the ex drummer of Staind, and a bass player extraordinaire? You get one of the premiere albums of 2017. “One”, the debut CD from American trio SAVE THE WORLD, is one of the best self-released opus you’ll hear this year....