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SARIS – Beyond The Rainbow (2020)

Combining melodic prog with hard rock riffs and AOR vocals, SARIS is the German answer to Canadians Saga. The band is releasing their fifth full-length ‘Beyond The Rainbow’, once again presenting a versatile and entertaining mix of catchy melodies and elaborated progressive instrumental parts.
What lets Saris stand out of the crowd is the use of two very different vocal approaches, a strong, versatile male vocal, and a soulful female singer. Combining these with a powerful crew of backing vocalists, all harmonizes and personalizes these songs to a great effect.

SARIS – Until We Have Faces (2014)

* SARIS is one of the Neo Prog / Melodic Rock bands from Germany who gone under the radar even their career lasting for more then 30 years. There was some ups and down since the beginning and the first album saw the light in 1993 but they disbanded in 2000. In 2009 they presented a second record and now...