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SAM ALEX – Fly Like An Angel (2019)

After many years retired from the scene, Munich-based melodic rocker SAM ALEX is working on a new full length album to be released later this year. As advance, Alex has put out an EP titled “Fly Like An Angel” with some of the songs as advance.
The EP includes a cover of ’80s iconic pop song ‘Sunglasses at Night’ (Corey Hart) which won’t be available on the album, and we added as extras the remix / new versions of Alex’s old songs that he put on sale digitally-only some time ago.

SAM ALEX – Pieces [Japan Edition +1] Rare / Out Of Print

With German singer / songwriter SAM ALEX finishing his second full length album – the advance EP ‘Fly Like An Angel’ being featured at this blog too – it’s the right moment to post here “Pieces”, Alex’s first album in its rare Japanese Edition including a bonus track. And I said ‘rare’ because despite of being handled by major label Avalon / Marquee, there were some legal troubles and all discs were retired / release cancelled.
But at 0dayrox we have one of these scarce, collector’s copies.