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MUNICH’s HARDEST HITS – Melodic Rock Is Back Vol. 2 / Out Of Print

One of you requested the now legendary series “MUNICH HARDEST HITS / Melodic Rock Is Back“, compilation CD’s put together German label Point Music Records, Rock It! Magazine, and one of the first internet Rock Radios: MUNICH HARDEST HITS. At the beginning of the past decade, and with the resurgence of the genre, they released the “Melodic Rock Is Back” CD series featuring new bands / artists in this musical vein.
While you may recognize several names in the Vol. 2 such as Roxus or Brunorock, the rest of the artists never make it big, but are darn good. Some of these songs are not available elsewhere.
More to come… Collector’s stuff.
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ROXUS-ROXAS – The Jeff Paris Sessions & More [unreleased]

Some weeks ago we featured HERE the excellent AOR Heaven Classix remaster of melodic rockers ROXUS solo official album ‘Nightstreet’, and some of you, impressed by the band’s quality, asked for more.Among rabid AOR / Melodic Rock collectors has been a gossip of an ‘unreleased Roxus album’, but truth is never existed. However, there’s some unreleased material from leader Juno...

ROXUS – Nightstreet [AOR Heaven Classix remaster +1] + Live EP – Out Of Print

Requested by many of you after the De-Arrow post (HERE) due to singer Juno Roxas connection between both bands, here’s the excellent ROXUS one and only full length album ‘Nightstreet’, reissued / remastered some time ago via the “AOR Heaven Classix” series plus a bonus track.The CD is out of print being sold at Amazon for over EUR 340 (!)...