ROX – Roxstars [Limited Edition] (2019) *EXCLUSIVE*

Eighties UK melodic glam cult rockers ROX are back, and with a terrific new album titled “Roxstars“… the have the ‘rox’ both in the name and album title… they have to be good, right? 🙂
And darn, they are.
Initially active during the early ’80s, Manchester’s ROX were somewhat a fish out of water. Wanting to done the spandex and make-up favoured by their American cousins rather than the Denim & Leather of the NWOBHM crowd, their music in the UK sadly fell upon mostly deaf ears. But for many mesmerised by their ‘Hot Love In The City’ EP back in 1982 this was the real deal.
After almost four decades on “Roxstars” the band have crafted each song to maximise its Melodic Rock commercial potential to the very limit. The production is polished, fresh but at the same time big.. and I mean BIG giving the whole thing a stadium sized sheen.
Only available on CD / limited. HIGHLY Recommended
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