ROULETTE (Detroit) – Pull The Trigger ; Reloaded [Digitally Remastered Ltd. Edition] (2020-2021) *EXCLUSIVE*

Let’s welcome a new reissue label called Aqua Net Records. Aqua Net is an American brand of hair spray notable for its popularity especially in the ’80s, used by all rock n’ roll bands from the era, which derived into the so called ‘hair metal’. Yes, Aqua Net Records will be specialized into obscure, rare, hard to find albums / bands from the genre.
The label’s second release is this remastered reissue on CD of the rare recording from ROULETTE – not to be confused with acts of the same name, these guys hail from Detroit – titled “Pull The Trigger”.
This CD contains the tracks from band’s 1990 cassette-only release, plus some never released before demo recordings, so it was re-titled “Pull The Trigger ; Reloaded“.
During the late ’80s ROULETTE was one of the hottest bands that took that raw Motor City energy and combined it with chugging riffs and vocal harmonies n’ catchy hooks, merging hair metal with melodic glammy hard.
Strictly Limited edition of 300 copies.
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