ROSSALL – The Last Glam In Town (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

There have definitely been some great albums from glam rock artists who subsequently managed to reinvent themselves once the silver platforms began to wane. But, really, has there been anything approaching a great glam rock album since the 1970s? Look no further, ”The Last Glam In Town”, the new album released by John ROSSALL tick all boxes of this beloved genre.
In fact, Rossall is one of the founders of this genre, founder of THE GLITTER BAND in the Seventies. He lived the genre. Musically this album is fun, and if you are not familiar with the style, think Ace Frehley solo album and his cover of ‘New York Groove’.
”The Last Glam In Town” is a near-perfect glam rock album with all of the necessary ingredients: the dual drum kick (Hey!) – that guitar sound (Hey!) – the self-celebratory lyrics (Hey!) … and the sax appeal.