ROSEMARY BUTLER – Rose +1 [CD release]

You know her voice… while the name ROSEMARY BUTLER never has been a household name as solo artist, this talented singer, vocal teacher & performer has provided back-up vocals for countless ’80s studio albums / artists from Paul McCartney or David Foster to Kenny Loggins and Cher, have all been graced by her voice. Blessed with a four-octave mezzo-soprano range, her vocal expertise is a technical marvel.
ROSEMARY BUTLER had the chance to record this solo album “Rose” in 1983, and according to the year, with that polished production sound, class songwriting contribution by the likes of Billy Steinberg / Tom Kelly, Clif Magness, etc, and a cast of top session musicians.
As requested, here’s “Rose” CD reissue plus a 0dayrox extra song from a Japanese movie soundtrack…

ROSEMARY BUTLER – You Just Watch Me (2013) out of print

As requested, here’s the other solo album by recording artist ROSEMARY BUTLER released not so long ago but out of print now. All of the fascinating elements of Rosemary’s Rock & Roll filled life condense into the listening experience on her latest studio production, “You Just Watch Me“.
The album is jam-packed with ten songs that explore and present her classic sound with the help of her long-time friends Kenny Loggins, Leland Sklar, Russell Kunkel, and more talented musicians. “You Just Watch Me” will take you on a timeless classic rock tour with each song and every listen. The further that Rosemary dives into her solo career, the more fans are taking notice of this vocal powerhouse…