ROCKBORN (last Michael Wagener production ever) – Born To Rock (2020)

ROCKBORN formed 2018 with the intention to bring back classic female fronted hard rock to the fore, respecting the traditional sound of the genre. Well, they did it on debut CD properly titled “Born To Rock“. Singer Lu Reid has a terrific voice and she puts on a vocal clinic on these songs, while the musicianship displayed by guitarist John Lyell, bassist Dino Serna and drummer Gary Gabaldon is also very impressive.
The production is almost flawless and you would expect nothing but at this point from one of the most renowned producers from the ’80s era — Michael Wagener. As it turns out, this might be one of the last albums that Wagener produced or at least was involved so extensively since the maestro has decided to retire after a mere 50 years in the music business.
Not only did Wagener produce Rockborn‘s debut album ”Born To Rock” but he also recorded, mixed and mastered it as well…