ROCK CITY ANGELS – Southern Vision (Lost Recordings 1989-1992 VOL.2 remastered)

ROCK CITY ANGELS released one of my favorite R N’ R albums ever in ‘Young Man’s Blues’ back in 1988, which we featured here in its remastered form. Also, the compilation of unreleased material ‘Midnight Confessions’. But few know there’s a new CD titled “Southern Vision (Lost Recordings 89-92 VOL2)“, presenting more recordings the band was working on for Geffen Records for their second album that never got to be released.
The sound quality is very good, and despite album’s title title, musically it’s pretty rocking and more commercial, catchy than the previous set of unreleased stuff.
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ROCK CITY ANGELS – Midnight Confessions (Lost Recordings 1989-1992 remastered)

Few days ago we featured in exclusive the remastered version of ROCK CITY ANGELS. Now many of you asked for the band’s second album that never was. The tapes of what should have been the follow up to ‘Young Man’s Blues’ were finally released some years ago into this “Midnight Confessions (Lost Recordings 1989-1992)“, fully remastered and including as well unreleased material from the first album sessions.
This limited release is out of print now, with a new remaining copy being sold at Amazon for U$D 898 !

ROCK CITY ANGELS – Young Man’s Blues [Remastered] RARE

As requested, here’s the hard to find (over € 100 for a used copy) of ROCK CITY ANGELS“Young Man’s Blues” only remastered version by Gott Discs. Originally appeared in 1988 on major label Geffen, this was the very few times that a debut band got a double album released.
Often compared to Guns N’ Roses for marketing purposes, in fact these guys were much more bluesy hard rock oriented, clean and melodic. I love this album, and this remaster sounds fabulous.
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