ROBLEDO – Wanted Man (2021)

Wanted Man” is the international presentation for vocalist James ROBLEDO, his debut album for Frontiers Music. James was first signed to the label as part of the melodic metal band Sinner’s Blood, whose debut album ‘The Mirror Star’ surprised listeners with their stunning take on melodic metal. The instrumentation and songwriting were superb and James’ voice equally impressed.
Frontiers was eager to explore more avenues to work with James and get his powerful vocals wider recognition, thus the idea of a solo album was born. “Wanted Man”, written and produced with Alessandro Del Vecchio, is a showcase of this wonderful singer’s talents.
Fortunately, “Wanted Man” doesn’t sounds like other Del Vecchio cookie-cutter productions, giving the songs, and especially Robledo’s abilities, a wide range of variation and different sounds…