ROBERT TEPPER – No Easy Way Out [YesterRock remaster]

Requested by many, here’s ROBERT TEPPER’s 1986 debut album “No Easy Way Out” digitally remastered by YesterRock Records. The title track become a Top 30 single featured in the blockbuster movie Rocky IV.
Robert Tepper (born Antonie Roberto Teppardo), raised up in New Jersey. He began his career as a writer in New York City and paired up with Benny Mardones.
Together they wrote the hit ‘Into The Night’ (which earned a Grammy nomination) and Tepper also was part of Mardones’ band playing bass on many of the songs on that album. Afterwards, Robert also was a partner on Benny’s 1981 follow-up album Too Much To Lose, then departed to L.A. for a solo career.
In 1985 Tepper signed a record deal with Scotti Brothers. The day when Sylvester Stallone listened to the track “No Easy Way Out”, he chose the song for the Rocky IV Soundtrack…

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