Rikard Sjöblom’s GUNGFLY – Alone Together [Bonus Track Edition] (2020)

GUNGFLY is one of the projects of multi-instrumentalist Rikard Sjöblom (Big Big Train), now delivering the new album ”Alone Together” in a trio-format, joined by Petter and Rasmus Diamant on drums and bass respectively.
This is Prog Rock with the focus on ‘Rock’. There’s Hammond organs all over, bright guitars, some mellotron here and there, and melodic vocals.
If you don’t pay attention to the release date you’ll think this is a remastered reissue from a lost ’70s British rock album… remember when Deep Purple was fresh, or Uriah Heep, or the good Jethro Tull?
If you avoid retro rock or Seventies stuff isn’t your thing, you better check out this wonderful record… of course if you love those, ”Alone Together” is a Must Have.