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RICHRATH – Only The Strong Survive ’92 [reissue 2018]

As requested here’s the 1992 RICHRATH album “Only The Strong Survive“, long time out of print but recently reissued with a much better sonic output. Founded by original REO Speedwagon guitarist & songwriter Gary Richrath when he left the band at the end of the ’80s, RICHRATH was Gary’s vehicle to keep rockin’ as his former band did in its origins.
Unhappy with the pop-rock / AOR mainstream direction of REO Speedwagon, Gary Richrath left the band in 1989 after almost two decades together. He joined vocalist Michael Jahnz to co-wrote many songs, and with others penned with talented Tom DeLuca, assembled RICHRATH-the band, and released this album.
“Only The Strong Survive” is as well the title of one of the most rocking REO songs, of course penned by Gary Richrath and recorded here again.
This baby rocks, rocks hard with tons of melody, great guitars and polished harmonies…

MICHAEL JAHNZ – Project 313 (reissue 2021) *0dayrox Exclusive*

With the release of the new RICHRATH 2021 album, frontman MICHAEL JAHNZ is also re-releasing his solo album from 2000, recorded after he left RICHRATH to start his solo career. Jahnz named his band – and the album – Project 3:13, based on the his and Gary Richrath “thing” which was a phenomenon they continuously found themselves seeing (3:13) and also referring to the time they would always find themselves in the studio, 3:13 am.
This album is a terrific collection of melodic rock tunes inspired by the ’80s in songwriting & production, in the vein of Tyketto, Mitch Malloy, Brett Walker and of course, REO Speedwagon.
The new songs are much more melodic rock oriented than Jahnz work while in RICHRATH, plenty of superb harmonies and wrapped by a polished production. All are strong, but the triad of ‘Simple Minds’, ‘I Found In You’, ‘It’s Never Enough’ are simply gorgeous, adding an AOR touch to the proceedings.
Only at 0dayrox

RICHRATH Project 3:13 – L.A. Is Mine (2021)

Lead guitarist and songwriter for REO Speedwagon from 1970 until 1989, when Gary Richrath left the band he formed his own group RICHRATH releasing their debut CD ‘Only the Strong Survive’ in 1992. RICHRATH featured the songwriting partnership of Gary and vocalist Michael Jahnz, and they toured together for over a decade playing the album songs plus the ones Gary had written for REO Speedwagon.
Early in this new Century, Gary and Jahnz went separate ways but still friends and with the idea of reforming RICHRATH the band again in the future. So many ans have been waiting and wanting “new” RICHRATH music but since the unfortunate passing of Gary in 2015 they have almost lost hope.
The perfect storm has finally happened this 2021… Jahnz has gathered himself a phenomenal group of talented musicians, dusted off a few never heard before RICHRATH recordings and is releasing “L.A. Is Mine“, now under the moniker RICHRATH Project 3:13.
Not only will you be hearing new Richrath music but, Gary’s magical guitar work is here a again with 3 previously unreleased songs recorded back in the day.
The rest are new originals written by Jahnz, of course, with that ’80s feel & sound in the vein of REO Speedwagon, Tyketto, and more…