REVEREND JACK – A Mile From Home (2021)

REVEREND JACK is based out of Madisonville, Kentucky, and have been performing and recording some singles by themselves for the last three years until the band was signed by Resurgence America Records for the release of their debut album “A Mile From Home“.
Still unsigned, REVEREND JACK spent 2019 touring with the likes of Foreigner, John 5, Jared James Nichols, and more, and gained a solid reputation among their peers, so it’s no surprise that “A Mile From Home” features guest appearances from the likes of Joel Hoekstra (WHITESNAKE), Alex Skolnick of TESTAMENT, Chris Caffery & Chloe Lowery of TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA, Michael Bluestein & Bruce Watson of FOREIGNER and more.
The 12-song album was recorded in New York towards the end of 2020, showcasing these young musician’s love for classic American hard rock. Real rock n’ roll isn’t dead for the new generation, and this 4-piece is a clear proof of that…