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GAMMA 1 [remastered Japanese SHM-CD] Out Of Print

Brainchild of guitarist Ronnie Montrose and singer Davey Pattison, GAMMA was founded in San Francisco at the end of the seventies delivering three stupendous albums in the lapse of 4 years. They returned in 2000 with a new effort, but the original records are the ones regarded as cult classics.
As requested, here’s all the now our of print GAMMA remastered Japanese reissues manufactured on high quality SHM-CD, released on Cardboard Sleeve (mini LP) reproducing the original artwork.
Anybody familiar with Ronnie Montrose’s earlier work, especially with Sammy Hagar as the frontman really ought to check out this overlooked band. Ronnie’s trademark, lean, mean, distinctive guitar tone is there as usual, but Gamma added the additional layers of synthesizers, tastefully…

THE RODS – Live [Rock Candy Remastered +1] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

Completing the 3-CD batch of the recent Rock Candy Records ‘Remastered & Reloaded‘ best ’80s albums from underrated New York rockers THE RODS, here’s “Live“, released after their studio album ‘In the Raw’.
On here, The Rods ditch the studio polish to release a live batch of vicious, anthemic, blue-collar metal / hard rock numbers.
In a live setting, the band was loud and raunchy, almost like Ted Nugent meets Motorhead. They were fun live band as they interacted with the audience quite a bit, which is quite apparent throughout this album.
At the time, the band refused to offer up a greatest hits/best of selection, choosing instead to feature mostly newly written songs so that their fan base would view it as a legitimate new release and not just a reheated package of previous material. As bonus, this reissue features an new studio track as well.
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THE RODS – In The Raw [Rock Candy Remastered +5] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

Rock Candy specialists have ‘Remastered & Reloaded‘ three of the most celebrated ’80s albums from underrated New York rockers THE RODS. Originally released in 1983, The Rods’ third album after being dropped by Arista Records – bad timing for the label, as in ’83 this type of hard rockin’ stuff was ready to explode by the hands of Quiet Riot.
Shrapnel Records immediately signed The Rods and released ‘In The Raw‘, actually a good name for this LP as the record was taped almost live into the studio.
Some may sneer at the less than perfect recording, but those of us who know and love true classic metal / hard can appreciate the charisma that the production brings to this album. Actually, I think this live feel works to The Rods’ benefit and gives them a power that may have been lost, had the production been overly polished.
This remaster provides a clearer sound, without cuttin’ the album’s edge. And there’s 5 bonus tracks.
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THE RODS – Let Them Eat Metal [Rock Candy Remastered +4] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

Rock Candy specialists have ‘Remastered & Reloaded‘ three of the most celebrated ’80s albums from underrated New York rockers THE RODS. Properly titled “Let Them Eat Metal“, Rods’ fourth studio album is a cult classic.
This 1984 LP combines the AC/DC meets Motorhead attack of The Rods’ early albums with the polished production and the vibe of Quiet Riot’s ‘Metal Health’, and some from Canadians Helix, early Twisted Sister and Riot. It’s darn heavy US hard rock with a kick and catchy choruses.
This Rock Candy remastered reissue sounds ‘big’, and adds 4 bonus tracks, including a cover of “You’d Better Run”, which was made famous by Pat Benatar.
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BOMB SQUAD – Detonation [FnA Records remastered] (2020)

Almost 30 years after disbanding, FnA Records has released on the CD for the first time all the recordings from Baltimore-based melodic hard rockers BOMB SQUAD. The 12-track compilation album titled “Detonation” comprises all the demos the band taped during their existence: 1990/1993.
This is late ’80s US glammy LA influenced stuff, some Poison, Tuff, Motley Crue style, other songs heavier akin Skid Row, Guns N’ Roses, etc.
Sound quality is good, helped by the remaster done on the tapes provided by the band members.

MAMA’S BOYS – Power And Passion [BGO digitally remastered]

Here’s another enjoyable cult classic album requested in its pretty hard to find version; the BGO Records remastered reissue of MAMA’S BOY’SPower And Passion“.
Mama’s Boys consisted of three McManus brothers from deepest darkest Ireland; Tommy played drums, Pat ‘The Professor’ the guitars, and John at charge of lead vocals & bass.
Originally released in 1985, “Power And Passion” is their third and quite commercial album full of catchy and bright melodic songs.
This BGO Records remastered version is the one to own as the sound quality obtained is really pristine still respecting the original Tsangarides’ sharp production and…

GTR – GTR [2-CD Deluxe Expanded Remastered Edition]

Esoteric Recordings / Cherry Red Records finally did it: the official release of a 2xCD Deluxe Expanded Remastered Edition of “GTR“, the self-titled 1986 album by Steve Hackett and Steve Howe’s band GTR.
Apart from the much needed remastering, there are also 3 bonus tracks taken from promotional 12-inch singles of ‘When the Heart Rules the Mind’ & ‘The Hunter’ (two of which appear on CD for the first time), plus a bonus CD featuring a terrific GTR live show recorded in Los Angeles in July 1986.

ROULETTE (Detroit) – Pull The Trigger ; Reloaded [Digitally Remastered Ltd. Edition] (2020-2021) *EXCLUSIVE*

Let’s welcome a new reissue label called Aqua Net Records. Aqua Net is an American brand of hair spray notable for its popularity especially in the ’80s, used by all rock n’ roll bands from the era, which derived into the so called ‘hair metal’. Yes, Aqua Net Records will be specialized into obscure, rare, hard to find albums / bands from the genre.
The label’s second release is this remastered reissue on CD of the rare recording from ROULETTE – not to be confused with acts of the same name, these guys hail from Detroit – titled “Pull The Trigger”.
This CD contains the tracks from band’s 1990 cassette-only release, plus some never released before demo recordings, so it was re-titled “Pull The Trigger ; Reloaded“.
During the late ’80s ROULETTE was one of the hottest bands that took that raw Motor City energy and combined it with chugging riffs and vocal harmonies n’ catchy hooks, merging hair metal with melodic glammy hard.
Strictly Limited edition of 300 copies.
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IVORY TOWER – Heart Of The City [Digitally Remastered Ltd. Edition] (2020-2021) *EXCLUSIVE*

Let’s welcome a new reissue label called Aqua Net Records. Aqua Net is an American brand of hair spray notable for its popularity especially in the ’80s, used by all rock n’ roll bands from the era, which derived into the so called ‘hair metal’. Yes, Aqua Net Records will be specialized into obscure, rare, hard to find albums / bands from the genre.
The label start operations with AQN01, the remastered reissue on CD of IVORY TOWER‘s “Heart Of The City“.
Originally released in 1988 by indie label Wolfe Records (home of BRITNY FOX and TANGIER first recordings) “Heart Of The City” is a fine document of the heavier side of the 80s U.S. Glam scene plenty of crunchy guitars and catchy melodies, and finally is being reissued on CD with its original LP cover just like the very rare original CD press.
Strictly Limited edition of 300 copies.
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DAVID ZAFFIRO – Yesterday’s Left Behind [Digitally Remastered 2020]

“Yesterday’s Left Behind” (1994) remains as the last DAVID ZAFFIRO solo album and the last from the 2020 reissue series from his career.
Here Zaffiro blend the melodic rock orientation of his first two albums with the acoustic mix of the third adding a certain hard rock edge. As happened with all, sound & production are pristine, even more with this clear remastering job.
“Winds Of September” represents albums leading cut, not the least of which being how it is its heaviest (noting the perfect fusing of the up-tempo electric and gritty acoustic) but also features a guest vocal performance from Holy Soldier front man Stephen Patrick. This one would…

GARRISON – The Demo Recordings 1987-1992 [Out Of Print]

As requested, here’s GARRISON material, one of the most promising AORish Melodic Rock bands to come out of Scotland at the end of the ’80s, touring UK extensively with the likes of Thunder, Dare and Ian Gillan.
Between 1988 and 1991 Garrison recorded a bunch of great demos which attracted Atlantic Records to offer them a deal, but the upcoming Grunge wave put everything to rest.
These demos were one of the most sought after songs ever requested by Melodic Rock / AOR aficionados, and now are officially released for the first time on CD as “The Demo Recordings” by Street Legacy Records in conjunction with the Garrison members, whom have recently reformed and are back gigging.

ACCEPT – Russian Roulette [HNE / Cherry Red remastered & expanded]

Cherry Red / Hear No Evil Records have been doing a terrific job lately remastering classic albums with the same quality standards of colleagues like Rock Candy or YesterRock. Among the revisited bands they reissued, there is ACCEPT‘s truly classic ’80s albums with expanded artwork and bonus material (two of them featured here on the blog).
Now we are presenting “Russian Roulette” remastered & expanded, an album that proved once more that if fiery melodic Teutonic metallic hard rock was what you hankered for, then nobody did it better than Accept.

ACCEPT – Metal Heart + Kaizoku-Ban [Cherry Red / HNE remaster]

One of my favorite ACCEPT albums, their sixth studio effort “Metal Heart“has been reissued by Hear No Evil / Cherry Red Records including as bonus the EP “Kaizoku-Ban, remastered by the ‘Rock Candy guy’ Andy Pearce.
“Metal Heart” is Accept’s second major label release after the instant metal classic Balls To The Wall. Produced by expert Dieter Dierks (Scorpions) this record found the legendary and highly influential German band go in a slightly more US radio-friendly style than their previous releases.

ACCEPT – Balls To The Wall + Staying A Life [Expanded / Remastered]

Balls To The Wall” was the album that made ACCEPT famous all over the World, and without a doubt, it’s one of their best. For sure it deserved a Deluxe Edition, and prestigious British label Hear No Evil / Cherry Red Records did a great job putting out this “Balls To The Wall / Staying A Life“, a double CD in remastered form.
I love “Balls To The Wall”, it’s like a soundtrack of my youth. Not only includes 10 killer tracks, it also redefined the ‘metal sound’ of the Eighties, with a production – courtesy of master Michael Wagener – that set a new bar for what heavy rock could sound like on a record.
From the fantastically catchy chord progressions, clean and sharp…

DAVID ZAFFIRO – In Scarlet Storm (1990) [30th anniversary edition Digitally Remastered 2020] *EXCLUSIVE*

We already featured at 0dayRox the remastered reissue of DAVID ZAFFIRO debut solo album from 1989, now it’s time for his 2nd, 1990’s “In Scarlet Storm“.
The debut’s Melodic Rock / AOR style is augmented here with that characteristic ’90s clinical sound for the American rock productions of the era. At places “In Scarlet Storm” reminds us Damn Yankees yet more AOR.
You need to hear this album with headphones too — even more this pristine remastered version – to discover some amazing layers of the multi-track recording, and the fabulous stereo-panning used here.
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