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NIGHT RANGER – Dawn Patrol [Japan remaster SHM-CD] [Limited Release]

After several requests, here we have the Japanese High Quality SHM-CD remasters of NIGHT RANGER ’80s albums (sadly, all out of print), here we go… first with “Dawn Patrol“, Night Ranger’s debut studio album.
The group’s origins can be traced to Rubicon, a pop/funk group including bassist Jack Blades, drummer Kelly Keagy and guitarist Brad Gillis. Whe Rubicon disbanded, the 3 started to perform under the name ‘Stereo’, later adding keyboardist Alan Fitzgerald, a former member of Montrose, in 1980.
Fitzgerald soon recommended enlisting a second virtuoso guitarist, so Jeff Watson, who led his own band in Northern California. The seeds were sown for a new Melodic Hard Rock band, initially called simply ‘Ranger’…

THE THROBS – Language Of Thieves & Vagabonds +2 [Rock Candy remastered & reloaded]

As requested here’s the rarely seen Rock Candy remastered version of THE THROBSLanguage Of Thieves & Vagabonds“, including two bonus tracks. Once upon a time, The Throbs were touted as New York’s answer to Guns N’ Roses. This, their debut record, which was produced by legend Bob Ezrin (Kiss, Alice Cooper) and released on Geffen Records in 1991 should have, by all means, made these guys stars.
During the late 80’s/early 90’s appeared quite a few bands which didn’t gain the success they deserved and whose albums are considered to be lost classics. “Language Of Thieves & Vagabonds” and The Throbs are in this wagon.
Listening to ”The Language Of Thieves And Vagabonds” now, you…

FM – Tough It Out +5 [Rock Candy remastered & reloaded]

Originally appeared in 1989, the glorious year for Melodic Rock / AOR music, “Tough It Out” was the second album by FM, greatly remastered by Rock Candy Records plus five bonus tracks.
Their debut album, ‘Indiscreet’, set the scene perfectly. This was a British band with their eyes set firmly on the American market, playing music equal to, if not superior, than masters of the craft such as Foreigner, Journey and Survivor.
That they had not earned a significant sales foothold was shocking but it only fueled their resolve to come back out swinging with their sophomore album, the stoically titled “Tough It Out”. This time around…

The ”Lost US Jewels” Vol.9 NIGHTWORK – Nightwork +5 (2021) *EXCLUSIVE*

Here’s one of our latest purchases; the much sought after, awesome 1986 AOR self-titled album from NIGHTWORK, reissued for the first time on CD few weeks ago as part of the “Lost U.S. Jewels” series. Fully remastered from the original tapes and including 5 previously unreleased tracks, this is a mus have for fans of classic era Survivor, ’86 Journey, early Bon Jovi… and Kobra Kai fans!
NIGHTWORK was founded in 1984 in San Antonio, Texas, by ex-members of Pomp AOR band Winterkat, and they played first-class AOR / Melodic Rock supporting then bands like Kansas, Cheap Trick, UFO and Night Ranger amongst others.
The original LP is now a prized collector’s item amongst ‘80s AOR / Melodic Rock aficionados. This remastered reissue is a Limited Edition of 500 copies, and it will be sold out soon.
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STAMPEDE – Hurricane Town +4 [Rock Candy Remastered & Reloaded]

As requested, here’s the Rock Candy remastered reissue of cult classic STAMPEDE album “Hurricane Town” (1983), including 4 bonus tracks. Back in the NWOBHM era, there were a few bands valiantly trying to be a little radio-friendly. One was called Def Leppard, but there was also Shy, Chrome Molly, and at the heavier end, Wildfire and Glaswegians Heavy Pettin’.
Stampede nestled in amongst them, but had an appealing ‘70s guitarishness to their pompy hard rock, courtesy of the band’s standout talent axe seducer Laurence Archer, who would play craps for UFO and Phil Lynott’s Grand Slam.
”Hurricane Town” is the band’s second album, sporting a crisp melodic production all over catchy rockers sung by Laurence’s stepdad Reuben Archer…

FM – Indiscreet [Rock Candy Remastered 2-CD set / 18 bonus tracks]

With the recent reissue of FM members earlier band Wildlife, many of you asked for this superb remaster of FM‘s first LP “Indiscreet“, remastered by Rock Candy Records. When the band were celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the release of their classic debut “Indiscreet”, in conjunction with Rock Candy Records they assembled a Deluxe 2 CD set containing the original album freshly digitally remastered plus no less than 18 bonus tracks.
Alongside the original “Indiscreet” album plus rare BBC sessions and a live track on one CD, the release includes an extra disc of rarities such as singles b-sides, extended 12” remix versions, live tracks, and for the first time on CD, the hard to find instrumental version of “American Girls” (only appeared on a mega rare maxi-single vinyl back in 1986) special to demonstrate your skills at the mic / karaoke.

WILDLIFE (Steve Overland) – Wildlife [Wounded Bird Records remastered reissue] Out Of Print

Accompanying the reissue of WILDLIFE‘s first album, here we have in exclusive the rare, now out of print remaster by Wounded Bird Records of the band’s second, final LP, the self-titled “Wildlife”.
Steve Overland and his brother Chris insisted with their project WILDLIFE and for this second effort they get top class musicians to reform the band: Bad Company drummer Simon Kirke and future Ozzy bass player Phil Soussan.
It was 1983, and of course, the sound & style in “Wildlife” is pure AOR filled with layers of vocal harmonies, keyboards / synths and big drums. Very similar sounding to the first FM album, both in terms of production and songwriting.
Honestly, we don’t know why “Wildlife” isn’t more popular or better known among AOR fans: it’s as good as the first 1986 FM album, and even better if we speak of keyboard flurries and pumping rhythms.
A MUST for fans of the genre.
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WILDLIFE (pre Steve Overland’s FM) – Burning [Rock Candy Remastered & Reloaded] (2021)

Rock Candy Records just remastered & reloaded “Burning“, the debut album from WILDLIFE, a long lost Steve Overland’s FM related melodic rock / AOR obscurity resurrected for the modern age. Steve, his bro Chris Overland and drummer Pete Jupp were the core of the band, and would later become the core of FM.
Discovered by the late Adam Faith, WILDLIFE recorded ”Burning” (originally released in 1980) produced by Rupert Hine (Rush, Saga) a buoyant, focused debut.
The songs and the production are clearly influenced by the early ’80s AOR sound from America. The title track, ‘Too Close To The Heart’ and ‘If The Night’ are high caliber material. But despite its quality, it was tough for a UK band to make a mark in the genre. So, many people passed on it.
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ARC ANGEL – ArcAngel [digitally remastered +1] Out of Print

And here’s a rarity for all of you: ARC ANGEL first self-titled album remastered plus a bonus track. Simply put, Arc Angel, founded together by vocalist Jeff Cannata and keyboard player Michael Soldan, created in 1983 this masterpiece regarded as one of the greatest AOR albums of all time.
Some time ago Jeff Cannata remastered the album by himself (released through his own record label) adding as well the awesome bonus track “Court of The Crimson King”.
The sound quality is terrific, something this pearl needed to be enjoyed in all its glory.
You do not need more details, “Arc Angel” is a MUST HAVE, a MANDATORY album in your collection.

RICK SPRINGFIELD – Living In Oz [Rock Candy Remastered & Reloaded]

Requested by many, here’s RICK SPRINGFIELD‘s “Living In Oz“, one of his best ’80s albums ‘Remastered & Reloaded‘ by Rock Candy Records.
“Living In Oz” appeared at a time when Rick had made name for himself as a beloved actor in various TV series and as a rock&pop artist, having released the multi-platinum albums Working Class Dog and Success Hasn’t Spoiled Me Yet.
After that he wanted a lot more Rock credibility and started to write harder-edged material that would take his (already) outstanding career to a new level.
Recorded with such luminaries as incredible guitarist Tim Pierce, drummer Mike Baird (Stan Bush, Journey) keyboardist Alan Pasqua, Richard Page & Tom Kelly doing backing vocals, etc, and produced…

STEPHEN CRANE – Kicks [AOR Heaven Digitally Remastered reissue] (2021) *EXCLUSIVE*

AOR Heaven Records just put out a remastered reissue of STEPHEN CRANE‘s 1984 album “Kicks“, a pretty unknown recording for AOR / Melodic Rock fans of the genre, but one that will delight your ears with that Eighties unique sound & style.
Crane was member / songwriter for a band called Baby at the end of the Seventies, and his opportunity as solo artist arrived in 1984 by the hand of major label MCA. “Kicks” was co-produced by Jai Winding (Le Roux) who also played keys, and no-other than the great Steve Lukather. In fact, all TOTO guys were involved in the recording including groove master Jeff Porcaro on drums.
We also find Richard Page (Mr. Mister, Pages) and AOR master Tom Kelly (I-Ten, Van Stephenson, Survivor) doing backing vocals, together with brilliant session guitar players such as Duane Sciacqua, Joey Brasler and Ray Pannell…
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TESLA – Mechanical Resonance [Japan SHM-CD remastered] Out Of Print

Mechanical Resonance” is the cracking debut album by TESLA, reissued in Japan on SHM-CD in remastered form. This was the only, Limited Release of the first 5 Tesla albums on SHM-CD now out of print and fetching high prices on eBay.
Tesla came out of the gates with everything in its right place: a major label (Geffen), great producers (Thompson & Barbiero) and the best management you could ask for (Q Prime). The band were and are all top drawer musicians, and they had a batch of killer rootsy hard rock ready to record. Ready, set, go!
When Tesla’s debut “Mechanical Resonance” was released in December 1986, it made a major impact among the dominating glammy hard rock scene.
Of course with the typical, glossy and ‘big’ production of the era, but much musically more ‘classic rock’ oriented, with a bluesy…

1994 – Please Stand By… [Rock Candy remastered +4]

Fronted by the charismatic Karen Lawrence, 1994 were one, in a long list, of great North American female-fronted hard rock bands emerging on the back of the success of Heart and Pat Benatar. Their sophomore record “Please Stand By…” was one of the strongest albums in the genre from the era, superbly remastered by Rock Candy Records released for the first time on CD including 4 lovely bonus tracks.
Who couldn’t love the vocals of the lovely Karen Lawrence? A particularly versatile singer who could just as easily strip the paint off your woodwork with her throaty roar as caress your ears with her beautiful melodies. The main difference with 1994’s debut was new guitarist Rick Armand (and bassist Bill Rhodes, who plays more guitar than bass here), resulting in a little more varied material.
The opening title-track is a great upbeat song, and the track the original LP ended with – the raucous ‘Keep Ravin’ On’, is perhaps the heaviest thing 1994 ever recorded.

1994 – ST [Rock Candy Remastered +4]

1994 were one of the greatest North American hard rock bands that time and tide has indeed forgotten. Fortunately Rock Randy Records ‘Remastered & Reloaded‘ the band’s debut 1994, with four bonus tracks, an album you need to check if you love Heart / Ann Wilson.
Signed in a blaze of publicity to the mighty A&M label, produced by studio wizard Jack ‘Aerosmith’ Douglas and hailed as the next big thing, 1994 never quite made the commercial impact all had hoped for.
When released, Geoff Barton, writing for Sounds magazine (now Editor of Classic Rock Magazine), made no secret of his love for 1994’s self-titled debut album, acclaiming it as “one of the year’s best releases – a deadly yet cool combination of Heart and Aerosmith”…

JAG (feat Dann Huff) – The Longest Road [Digitally Remastered] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

Starting as solo artist in the mid-Eighties, songwriter / vocalist John Allen Garies a.k.a. JAG released his first indie cassette in 1987. Before that, he attended the band WHITEHEART show and somehow made his way onto their tour bus and gave founding member Billy Smiley a copy of the tape. He agreed to produce Garies’ music but asked for a real band. JAG born, and released their first album in 1990.
1990’s “The Longest Road” is JAG’s debut album as a band, recently digitally remastered and reissued after long time out of print.
This is a late Eighties / early Nineties kind of American AOR, smooth and crystal clear. The album starts off strong with a very GIANT-like guitar intro opening the first track and a serious WHITEHEART rhythm.
The influence of both of these bands abound through the album, and all members – including Dann Huff on guitar – perform in one way ore another on this melodic collection of songs…