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The ”Lost UK Jewels” Vol.18 ; FIRST STRIKE – Just Another Night +1 (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

Continuing with the awesome ”Lost Jewels” collectibles, here’s “The Lost UK Jewels Vol.18 ; FIRST STRIKE – Just Another Night +1” one of the latest releases from the series, limited to 500 copies.
A band that saw Dave Ling in the pages of Raw Magazine declaring that they had the image and musical ability to take on the big boys. And its easy to see why he came to that assuption with material such as ‘Nasty’, ‘Girls of the World’ and ‘Hold Tight’ at his disposal : think ’89 Danger Danger with a British touch.
Theirs was the sound of UK Melodic Rock / AOR last great white hope from the late ’80s, a band that should have done so much more but were ultimately washed away by a music scene that was rapidly changing in the early 90s. But what they did leave was a fine musical legacy with this CD being the ample proof.
File under Danger Danger, Steve Overland’s FM, Trixter, XYZ
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GARY SCHUTT – Sentimetal (all vocals by Jeff Scott Soto) [Green Box Edition remastered] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

Apart from a new album, GARY SCHUTT has reissued / remastered his first solo album 1994’s ‘Sentimetal’ with the mighty Jeff Scott Soto performing all the lead vocals. Re-titled “Sentimetal [Green Box Edition]“, the album features two previously unreleased bonus tracks.
Recorded while Schutt was the guitarist / bassist / co-writer in the Jeff Scott Soto Band, Soto not only co-produced, but also gently agreed to put all the lead vocals on the album.
So this is simple: if you love classic JSS melodic hard rock stuff, “Sentimetal [Green Box Edition]” is a must have in your collection.
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WHITESNAKE – The ROCK Album [Revisited, Remixed And Remastered] (2020)

Tomorrow June 19, WHITESNAKE will bring together some of their hardest-hitting songs of its multi-platinum career on ‘The ROCK Album‘, a new collection that features revisited, remixed and remastered versions of the group’s best rocking songs.
The album is the first release in the band’s ‘Red, White and Blues Trilogy,’ a series of fresh, new collections organized by musical themes that will include: this ‘The ROCK Album’ (white), ‘Love Songs’ (red), and ‘The BLUES Album’ (blue).
The collection features the debut of ‘Always The Same,’ a previously unreleased song that was recorded during the 2019 sessions for ‘Flesh & Blood’
In addition to the new song, long-time fans who have everything will be interested to know that Coverdale has remixed and remastered all the material and even “embellished” tracks where he “felt it appropriate or necessary to bring out the best” in the songs.

SALEM – City Lights [recorded 1990] (2020)

City Lights” is the 1990’s limited self-released album by North Carolina’s melodic hard rockers SALEM, now being remastered / reissued by Heaven and Hell Records. The reissue was announced more than two years ago and now finally will be put on CD for the first time.
Salem’s style will appeal fans of Van Halen, Tesla, Mr. BIG, and such melodic hard rock and AOR bands from the ’80s.
For this reissue the album has been re-titled ‘City Lights’, includes new artwork, and audio has been fully remixed and remastered by Jamie King at The Basement Studio NC.
Limited to 500 copies worldwide.

TOTALLY LOST CAUSE (TLC) – Original Sin [recorded 1991] (2020)

Originally baptized T.L.C., later known as TOTALLY LOST CAUSE, was formed in 1989 in Scranton, Pennsylvania by Charlie Russello (guitar) and Michael Blare (vocals). Russello would soon follow the great migration to Hollywood like so many other hopeful and aspiring hard rock musicians would.
In 1991 T.L.C. self-released their debut album “Original Sin”. The disc included 10-tracks of well crafted and classy melodic hard rock songs that would have made for a perfect debut for the band and gained a lot of attention if it weren’t for bad timing and perhaps some misdirection.
Still, T.L.C. fared well regionally on the Rock scene that was about to go through some changes. Now the album is being properly remastered / reissued on CD, a strong collection of tracks very well produced and influenced by the likes of Baton Rouge, Black N’ Blue, Keel and….

GUARDIAN – Fire And Love [RetroActive Legends Remastered +1] (2017)

Freshly remastered from the original tapes, at the very end of 2017 RetroActive Records released a remastered version of “Fire And Love“, GUARDIAN‘s second album – for many their finest moment – including an exclusive bonus track. The second release from Guardian was something of a breakthrough for the band. After being dropped from the Enigma label, they found a...

GUARDIAN – Miracle Mile [Remastered Gold Disc Edition] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

We’ve been waiting a lot this Remastered Gold Disc Edition of GUARDIAN‘s “Miracle Mile“, a killer melodic hard rock album produced by Dino and John Elefante. Regarded as Guardian’s finest moment, the record pushed them far beyond anything they had ever done before.
“Miracle Mile” showcases Guardian locked in as a cohesive unit, being fun, imaginative, creative, built over the same early 90s ‘big sound’ of bands like Mr.Big, Tesla, Extreme and Giant but still distinctly Guardian.
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SONS OF ANGELS – Sons Of Angels [Wounded Bird Records remastered]

For 25 years, Guilderland, NY-based Wounded Bird Records has been quietly reissuing / remastering a plethora of CD titles that are generally geared for collectors but most definitely appeal to music lovers searching for out of print titles. They have done a great job with SONS OF ANGELS awesome – and very underrated – self titled album “Sons Of Angels” from 1990.
Perhaps due coming from Norway, Atlantic Records didn’t properly promoted this great album with a potential to make it really big: elaborated yet catchy classic hard rock songs and that 1990’s clean production handled by master Kevin Elson.
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MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP – The Michael Schenker Group +8 [Japan Forever Young series remastered] Out Of Print

As requested, here’s the out of print remastered Japanese edition of MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP awesome self-titled debut LP, as part of the ‘Forever Young Series Remastered’ including 8 bonus tracks, now out of print.
After turbulent flights of emotional fancy during his mercurial tenure with Brit rockers UFO, the German guitar legend launched the Michael Schenker Group in the late Seventies, with this self-titled album released in 1980.

MEAT LOAF – Bat Out Of Hell +3 [Japan HR-HM LEGEND 1000 series Remastered] (2019) *EXCLUSIVE*

Few days ago we featured here the first major appearance of MEAT LOAF singing into a Ted Nugent album. Now we bring to you Loaf’s classic debut as solo artist “Bat Out Of Hell“, recently remastered plus bonus tracks as part of the Universal Music Japan series ‘HR/HM 1000‘ (Hard Rock / Heavy Metal at the price of 1000 Yen = about 9 USD) a more than welcomed campaign reissuing classic albums from the label’s catalog with a nice price and superb sound quality.
Produced by Todd Rundgren and with the genius Jim Steinman at charge of songwriting & composition, “Bat Out Of Hell” is a must have into any Rock collection, here including 3 bonus tracks.
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The ”Lost US Jewels” Vol.2 ; BOB WHEELER – Bob Wheeler +3 *EXCLUSIVE*

More from the excellent ”Lost Jewels Series” here’s BOB WHEELER‘s “Bob Wheeler +3“. Coming from New Jersey, Bob Wheeler released this self-titled album in 1987, here reissued / remastered on CD for the first time, plus 3 new tracks.
Wheeler’s style is similar to the likes of Bon Jovi and Surgin, so expect plenty of keyboard heavy AOR here.
Some time after, Bob Wheeler would be the vocalist of EKLYPSE, recently featured here at 0dayrox.
Limited to 500 copies and sold out now.
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The Lost US Jewels Vol.4 ; BEG BORROW & STEAL – Push And Shove (Out Of Print)

Some great AOR & Melodic Rock acts – specifically in the Eighties / Nineties – both in UK and the US never got the luck they deserved. This is the mission of Steelheart Memories Records with their “Lost UK / US Jewels” Collector’s Series; endeavour to bring you these ‘hidden treasures’ via Limited Edition Collector’s Volumes (500 copies pressed of...

TOBB – True To Our Sound [Digitally Remastered reissue] (2019)

Formed by session musicians, Norwegian band TOBB started as a playing ground for friends, all with the love for ’80s AOR / West Coast music, and since 1987 has been touring on and off, mostly playing their own cover versions of AOR classics.
In 2010 TOBB had the great fortune and honor of touring with legend Bill Champlin, and he encouraged the band to record his lost song ‘Sweet Marie’, a track that didn’t make it on the legendary Chicago 17 album.
Inspired by Champlin, TOBB started recording their own original material which had been neglected for years. The result is the album ”True To Our Sound”, and the title speaks for itself.
Now the songs have been slightly remixed / remastered, as all members thought they needed some tweaks.

TED NUGENT – Cat Scratch Fever +2 [Japan Guitar Legend Series Ltd. Pressing remastered] (2018) *EXCLUSIVE*

And this is without a doubt TED NUGENT‘s most famous – and one of his best – albums. “Cat Scratch Fever“, here in the recent Japan Guitar Legend Series/ Limited Pressing, freshly remastered. With “Cat Scratch Fever” Nugent hit his commercial stride, and quickly became a first-rate rock ‘n roll classic. Despite of being at the time one of the...

TED NUGENT (feat Meat Loaf) – Free For All [HNE / Cherry Red Remastered Expanded Edition] *EXCLUSIVE*

More classic TED NUGENT with this “Free-For-All” digitally remastered and expanded edition done by Hear No Evil / Cherry Red Records specialists. “Free-For-All” was the second solo album from the gun-totin’, rottin’ tootin’, self-styled Motor City Madman, the inimitable Ted Nugent, and his first platinum release, hitting the US Top 30 and UK Top 40 upon its release in 1976....