DANGER DANGER – Danger Danger [Rock Candy remastered +5]

Many of you asked for the Rock Candy Records remastering of DANGER DANGER first album “Danger Danger“. In terms of sound this “Danger Danger [Rock Candy remastered +5]” reissue is bright and punchy with great dynamics for modern CD players, but apart from that includes as bonus the complete ‘Down and Dirty Live‘ EP remastered for the first time.

RIVERDOGS – Riverdogs [Rock Candy remastered 2-CD]

The new RIVERDOGS album is getting better n’ better with each listen, and we think you should take a look to their excellent debut as well. Regarded by many as the best album ever recorded by talented guitarist Vivian Campbell, the self-titled debut by RIVERDOGS has been remastered by Rock Candy and released in a Special Deluxe Collector’s 2CD Edition,...

TED NUGENT – Weekend Warriors [Rock Candy Remastered]

Also requested here’s the not easy to find Rock Candy Records remaster of “Weekend Warriors“, TED NUGENT‘s explosive album. Issued in 1978, hot on the heels of the ground breaking live album Double Live Gonzo!, Nugent was out to take few prisoners but plenty of scalps. “Weekend Warriors” is an album that solidified Nugent’s reputation as not only one of...

TED NUGENT – Double Live Gonzo! [Rock Candy remastered]

Regarded as one of the greatest Hard Rock live albums of all time, TED NUGENT‘s “Double Live Gonzo!” is a classic, requested here in its Rock Candy remastered version, not so easy to find. Simply put, this is one of the most electrifying records you’ll ever hear. “Double Live Gonzo!” is one of those incredible ’70s cornerstone live albums that...

TED NUGENT – Scream Dream [Rock Candy Remastered] *EXCLUSIVE*

Another request here, the increasingly hard to find Rock Candy Remastered version of TED NUGENT‘s “Scream Dream“, one of the few releases from the reissue label in a slipcase.
“Scream Dream” is a solid effort for the Motor City Madman, probably the definitive release from the post-Double Live Gonzo period. It also came out at an opportune time, catching the upswing of the early Eighties metal movement.
The signature “Wango Tango” dominated the airwaves that 1980’s summer. American hard rock didn’t get much better than Ted Nugent at his peak.
This remaster sounds clean, free of hiss, retaining the original LP harmonics.

VANDENBERG – Vandenberg [Rock Candy remastered] full scans

As member of Whitesnake Adrian Vandenberg would become famous, but the guitarist started his international career with his Dutch band VANDENBERG in the early ’80s achieving considerable success. The group’s self-titled debut still is a hard rock fan  favorite world-wide, and the best way for to enjoy this rocking album is via the Remastered & Reloaded reissue by Rock Candy...

VANDENBERG – Heading For A Storm [Rock Candy remastered +3] full scans

Adrian Vandenberg would become famous worldwide as part of Whitesnake, but the axe man started his career with his Dutch band VANDENBERG in the early ’80s. The group’s second album “Heading For A Storm” was properly reissued by Rock Candy specialists remastered, and with a trio of bonus tracks. Produced by Stuart Epps (Twisted Sister), “Heading For A Storm” showcased...

VANDENBERG – Alibi [Rock Candy remastered] full scans

Here’s the Rock Candy Records remastered version from one of the strongest (and underrated) Melodic Hard Rock albums from the mid-Eighties; “Alibi“, the last ’80s recording of VANDENBERG. Adrian Van den Berg (who uses an Anglicized version of his Dutch name: Adrian Vandenberg) has been, quite rightly, hailed as one of the world’s best rock guitar players, carving out a...

KIDD GLOVE – Kidd Glove [Rock Candy remastered +4] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

At the early 80s and before his stupendous solo debut 1985 LP, Paul Sabu had become a name to watch. His superlative voice and penchant for crafting solid yet melodic rock made him a desirable commodity, something that didn’t escape the notice of a new record label called Morocco, a spin-off from Motown.
With a project under the name KIDD GLOVE, its self titled album appeared in 1984. While there has been a couple of remastered reissues, Rock Candy Records just released their own, including 4 bonus tracks, some of ’em never heard before.
Only at 0dayrox

MELIDIAN – Lost In The Wild [Rock Candy remaster]

One of the most criminally underrated and unheard albums from the glorius year for Melodic Rock / AOR – 1989 – should be “Lost In The Wild“, by MELIDIAN. Fortunately, Rock Candy records made justice to this excellent record with a great 24-bit remastering, first time on CD release. It’s almost unbelievable to learn how many artists and bands came...

DOKKEN – Back For The Attack +1 [Rock Candy remastered / full scans] Out Of Print

As requested, here’s DOKKEN “Back For The Attack +1” remastered & reloaded by Rock Candy Records specialists including a bonus track, released five years ago. Seems this remaster CD version is out of print now, and copies are being sold at Amazon for £1,391 !!! I’ve been waiting long time for this Rock Candy remaster of “Back For The Attack”,...

FASTER PUSSYCAT – Faster Pussycat [Rock Candy remastered & reloaded]

The ‘Remastered & Reloaded’ release by Rock Candy of FASTER PUSSYCAT’s self-titled debut album offers the perfect excuse to revisit a record that had a massive impact on the LA’s Sunset Strip Hard Rock scene history. Taking their influence from the roots of glam rock and fusing it with commercial eighties hard rock a pinch of punk, “Faster Pussycat” was...

FASTWAY – Trick Or Treat [Rock Candy Remastered & Reloaded] (2019) *EXCLUSIVE*

“Sammi Curr is a Rock ‘N’ Roll nightmare. His fans wont let him die. He wont let them live…” Do you remember that line from 1986’s horror flick ‘Trick Or Treat’? Fun stuff with a couple of cameos from Gene Simmons and Ozzy Osbourne.
Campy nostalgia aside, one thing about the movie remains outstanding all these years later — the FASTWAY soundtrack. “Trick Or Treat” has just been ‘Remastered & Reloaded’ by Rock Candy Records for all fans rejoice.

CONEY HATCH – Friction [Rock Candy remaster +1]

Oh yeah, “Friction“, by CONEY HATCH is one of the hidden Melodic Rock / AOR gems from the middle ’80s now wonderfully digitally remastered from the original tapes by Rock Candy Records. Coney Hatch is mostly known for their early hard rock albums, but “Friction” is a Melodic Rock diamond that deserves a prominent place in your collection. The Toronto...

PETER CETERA (Chicago) – Peter Cetera [Rock Candy remaster] (2018)

For most fans of strident and forceful AOR, PETER CETERA would not, under normal circumstances, be their first port of call. Having been a founder member and lead vocalist with legendary band Chicago, his background was firmly in another musical world but this, his debut solo album “Peter Cetera” showcased a desire to break free of those chains and strike...