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SANTERS – Shot Down In Flames ; The Definitive Remasters Series

SANTERS, one of the very best bands that came out of Toronto in the early ’80s, finally are getting official remastered reissues of their albums. Few weeks ago appeared their second ‘Racing Time’, and now we have here Santers’ first; titled “Shot Down In Flames”.
The remastering job is excellent all over, from clearer rhythm section to crisp vocals.

SANTERS – Racing Time ; The Definitive Remasters Series (2019)

SANTERS, one of the very best bands that came out of Toronto in the early ’80s, finally are getting official remastered reissues of their albums. Few weeks ago appeared what I would consider their best album, “Racing Time“, their second LP which was originally released in 1982. Upon listening I can tell you the improvement with this remaster is very...

ANGEL – White Hot [Rock Candy remaster +2] (2019) *EXCLUSIVE*

Rock Candy Records specialists have remastered a second batch of ANGEL‘s discography, and here’s one of the band’s best: “White Hot”, plus 2 bonus tracks including the mega rare Canadian only single B-side ‘Better Days’. “White Hot”, one of Angel’s most mainstream, commercial and successful outputs, featured new bassist Felix Robinson. The track ‘Ain’t Gonna Eat My Heart Out Any...

CINDERELLA – Night Songs [Japan remastered LTD MiniLP SHM-CD] Out Of Print

This one was requested many times: the Out Of Print Japanese SHM-CD release of CINDERELLA‘s cracking debut “Night Songs“, remastered, with a miniLP replica artwork plus a bonus track. Hailing from Pennsylvania and fronted by charismatic vocalist / guitarist Tom Keifer, Cinderella was discovered by Jon Bon Jovi who helped to get the band signed by Mercury Records. The rest...

TYKETTO – Strength In Numbers [Japan edition remastered +1] Out Of Print

Here’s another excellent request: the only available remastered version of TYKETTO‘s terrific album “Strength In Numbers”. This Japanese edition features a ’90s-type’ of remastering, which works greatly for this awesome Melodic Hard Rock album. After a successful run with the major label released debut ‘Don’t Come Easy’, Tyketto’s Danny Vaughn, Brooke St. James, Michael Clayton and new bassist Jaimie Scott...

TYKETTO – Shine [Japan edition remastered] Out Of Print

Here’s another request: the only available remastered version of TYKETTO‘s third album, the underrated “Shine” featuring ex Tall Stories and future Journey lead vocalist Steve Augeri.
This Japanese edition appeared a year after the European, and it was tweaked with a ’90s-type’ of remastering, which works great.

TYKETTO – Don’t Come Easy [Rock Candy remastered +1] (full)

2016 hit the 25th Anniversary of “Don’t Come Easy“, the awesome debut from TYKETTO. To celebrate the event, Rock Candy Records released a fully digitally remastered edition of the album plus the terrific bonus track “Walk Away”. The early ’90s presented a massive challenge to a number of melodic rock bands. The musical climate was being transformed by a rush...

HARDLINE – Double Eclipse [Bad Reputation remaster +4] (2019) *EXCLUSIVE*

Today we have here in exclusive the fresh Bad Reputation Records remastered version of HARDLINE classic “Double Eclipse” including 4 bonus tracks.
0dayrox already featured some time ago the stupendous Japanese release of this essential album on SHM-CD, but this new reissue includes the juicy bonuses that worth the purchase.
In terms of sound quality, this fresh remaster is a bit deeper in the bass output, fuller and well balanced.

LIONSHEART – Lionsheart [remastered] (2016)

Few years ago was silently released this remastered version of British rockers LIONSHEART first album “Lionsheart”, a great slice of traditional hard rock in a sound & style that many mention as ‘the record Whitesnake should have been putting out after their 1987 album’.
Formed by ex- Grim Reaper vocalist Steve Grimmett alongside twins Mark and Steve Owers (guitar, bass), Lionsheart’s debut album came out in 1992 but could well have been released in 1988 as the songs are pretty much written to the Whitesnake template. And we have here some awesome songs very good playing, believe me.

WHITESNAKE – Slip Of The Tongue 30th Anniversary Edition [Super Deluxe Edition] (2019)

WHITESNAKE ‘s 1989 album “Slip Of The Tongue” has just been reissued for its 30th Anniversary across four different physical editions, including this awesome seven-disc Super Deluxe Edition which offers a host of rare and unreleased material. The 6CD/DVD collection includes a newly 2019 remastered version of the album, plus unreleased studio recordings, and a fully remastered audio of the...

EUROPE – The Final Countdown [Rock Candy remaster +6] (2019) *EXCLUSIVE*

Finally Rock Candy specialists have done their own remastered version of EUROPE‘s classic “The Final Countdown”. It includes 6 bonus tracks: the already appeared in previous remasters live versions of title track, ‘Danger On The Track (Live)’ and ‘Carrie (Live)’, plus the single B-sides ‘Seven Doors Hotel (1986 Version)’ & ‘On Broken Wings’, and what makes this reissue unique is the addition of the rare Remix of ‘Rock The Night’ – also a B-side but previously unavailable on CD.

KISS – Revenge [Japanese SHM-CD remastered]

One of you have asked our impression about the Japanese, high-fidelity SHM-CD format remastered version of “Revenge”, the underrated and killer KISS album originally released in 1992. Well, this remaster sounds million bucks. It’s much, much deeper at the low midrange, the overall sonic spectrum is clearer and it possesses a great dynamic range. Also, it’s being sold pretty cheap...