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TIM FEEHAN – Tim Feehan [Digitally Remastered / YesterRock] Rare *EXCLUSIVE*

As requested, here’s the hard to find TIM FEEHAN 1987’s self-titled first album “Tim Feehan“, in its digitally remastered form. This is reissue was handled by YesterRock Records – not credited to the label due to legal reasons – fully remastered by YesterRock’s resident Tony Übler.
In 1986 Canadian singer / songwriter Tim Feehan entered a songwriting contest sponsored by legendary producer David Foster taking first place and signed with Scotti Bros/CBS in Los Angeles where he relocated later that year.
The self-titled debut album Tim Feehan was released in 1987 and gained five A.R.I.A. awards, while first single “Where’s the Fire” was chosen as the theme song for the Charlie Sheen motion picture and cult favorite The Wraith.
With the likes of Steve Lukather and Fee Waybill among the session musicians, “Tim Feehan” is one of the finest AOR albums from the ’80s with that hi-tech production sound.
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BABYLON A.D. – American Blitzkrieg [Limited Edition remastered LP] (2021) *0dayrox Exclusive*

BABYLON A.D. made a deal with specialized vinyl LP reissue label Night Of The Vinyl Dead to release their album “American Blitzkrieg” especially remastered for LP’s better sonic output. The sound quality is really good, not compressed, really ‘airy’ and warm.
Note this remastered LP reissue feature the band’s name on the cover art / helmet picture, a limited, numbered collector’s edition.
After a hiatus, BABYLON A.D. recorded “American Blitzkrieg” in 1999, for the first time with complete creative control over everything from songwriting, recording, mixing, mastering to artwork and image.
And while there’s a couple of tracks where the band try something different with a more heavier modern hard rock attack, on the rest of the album Babylon A.D. stick to the style that got them this far: a style that sounds like it was directly plucked from 1989.
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FOREIGNER – 4 [Limited Edition Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab MFSL / SACD] FULL

It finally happened: one of my favorite albums of all time, FOREIGNER “4”, received a Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab (MoFi) remaster treatment. This Numbered Limited Edition Hybrid SACD is a sonic Heaven.
Mastered from the original tapes, Mobile Fidelity’s hybrid SACD presents “4” in a room-filling, stadium-big sound that simply crushes what’s heard on all prior digitally remastered versions.
This is 42 minutes of Melodic Hard / AOR bliss with a crystalline remastering treatment courtesy of Shawn R. Britton at Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab on The Gain 2 System.

STONE TEMPLE PILOTS – Tiny Music… Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop [3xCD Super Deluxe Edition] (2021 Remaster)

One of the few worthy bands from the Nineties alternative scene, STONE TEMPLE PILOTS embraced experimentation and open-mindedness to record the band’s third album, 1996’s Tiny Music… Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop. The album is a pitch-perfect amalgamation of the band members’ musical personalities, yielding three #1 hits – “Big Bang Baby,” “Lady Picture Show,” and “Trippin’ On A Hole In A Paper Heart.”
On the eve of the album’s 25th anniversary, Rhine will release of a newly 2021 remastered version of the album; “Tiny Music… Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop [Super Deluxe Edition]“, expanded with unreleased studio and live recordings.
The 3-CD / 1-LP set includes a newly remastered version of the original studio album on both CD and vinyl, plus unreleased early versions, instrumentals, and alternate takes along with a complete concert recording from 1997…

LEE AARON – The Best Of Lee Aaron [remastered]

Canada’s self-proclaimed ’80s ‘Metal Queen’ LEE AARON will release her new solo album this week, and one of you asked for the lady’s classic songs. She was one of the first women to have a successful solo career in metal / hard rock music, a sound that later morphed in favor to a more commercial melodic rock & AOR style with a glossy production.
You find here a pretty complete set of Aaron’s best cuts, from the iconic ‘Metal Queen’ and the raw emotion of power ballad ‘Barely Holdin’ On’ to the keyboard filled AOR of ‘Powerline’.
This is a rare German reissue of “The Best Of Lee Aaron” featuring a ‘Nineties-type’ of remastering including her best songs covering Aaron’s ’80s period…

NANTUCKET – Nantucket ’78 [Wounded Bird Records remastered]

By the time NANTUCKET were signed to Epic (1978), they had already amassed a strong following in their home state of North Carolina and the surrounding region with their relentless touring schedule and equally tenacious live performances (the band even won a spot opening for AC/DC on select dates of its U.S. tour).
However, unlike most Southern rock bands à la Skynyrd or Molly Hatchet, Nantucket had more in common with the arena rock sound of Boston or TOTO. The music and production values are on par with the aforementioned groups, and of course their self-titled debut needed a proper remastered CD reissue.
Great specialized label Wounded Bird Records came at the rescue of this a fun, melodic, no-frills rock & roll record, but it’s also the sound of a band struggling to harness its live energy (many Nantucket bootleg performances demand high prices from collectors) in the recording studio.
Out of print WOU very good remaster now being sold for over $100…

NANTUCKET – V [Retrospect Records remastered]

As requested, here’s the more AOR album from North Carolina’s best melodic rock export of the ’70s and ’80s; NANTUCKET. Starting activities in the second half of the Seventies, NANTUCKET released three pretty rocking albums signed to major label Epic and toured with big names from the industry.
Entering the Eighties the band released two albums, being this fifth effort tited “V” appeared in 1984, and of course, embracing the American AOR sound from the era.
“V” was originally released via a NC local recording label, hence the LP became quite hard to find over the years. It wasn’t until Retrospect Records remastered & reissued “V” on CD for the first time that most fans from all over the world were able to discover for the first time this classic Eighties US AOR record.
Great melodies, catchy songs, and the sound quality obtained with the remastering is very good…

Mr. BIG – Lean Into It [30th Anniversary Edition MQA-CD + bonus disc of unreleased] remastered 2021

Asian specialized record label Evolution Music are releasing this magnificent ”Lean Into It 30th Anniversary Edition MQA-CD + bonus disc of unreleased”, Mr. BIG‘s million-selling second effort fully remastered 2021. This is one of the ever-green albums of ’80’s style rock that transcends the years, and 2021 is the 30th anniversary of the original release.
And because Mr. Big were/are ‘big in Japan’ the two-CD deluxe edition is on the MQA-CD format. This stands for ‘Master Quality Authenticated’ discs.
And we said ‘discs’ because this deluxe edition has a bonus CD with previously unreleased tracks, early versions, non-album track ‘Strike Like Lighting’ (featured in the film Navy Seals) and tracks with either ‘minus bass’ or ‘minus guitar’ so all you budding musicians out there can play along (cool idea).
The sound quality if this 2021 remastering makes this ”Lean Into It 30th Anniversary Edition MQA-CD + bonus disc of unreleased” the definitive version of this must have album…

JOE LAMONT – Secrets You Keep [YesterRock remaster]

A pure ’80s AOR piece, JOE LAMONT‘s “Secrets You Keep” has been screaming for a proper remastering for years. Not only this YesterRock remastered reissue is the first official release of the album on CD, but also it sounds fabulous.
What’s so special about this AOR gem, is not only the quality of the songs on offer, but also the list of musicians. The who who’s from the LA Session scene were recruited for the recording, including the great Dann Huff on all guitars, Vinnie Colaiuta, Alan Pasqua, etc.
All tracks ooze that magical, unrepeatable ’80s sound & style, like terrific opener / title track ‘Secrets You Keep’, the rather smooth ‘Total Breakdown and ‘No Explanation’, the uber melodic ‘One Rumor Too Many’, the album’s closing track ‘Enemy Lines’, or the power ballad ‘Victims of Love’ which became a hit in Japan…

LOVERBOY – Lovin’ Every Minute Of It [BGO digitally remastered]

Another request from some time ago and not easy to find, here’s the other 2-in-1 CD remastered reissue of LOVERBOY‘s third and fourth albums: “Keep It Up / Lovin’ Every Minute Of It“.
Loverboy perfected a multi-platinum formula with its first three albums, each of which cracked the Top 20 in the U.S. as well as the band’s native Canada. With their fourth release, 1985’s “Lovin’ Every Minute Of It“, they wanted a fresh sound according to times.
After working with Bruce Fairbairn for five years, the band hired British Tom Allom and brought his whole new crew from England. Additionally, Loverboy decided to work with outside songwriters.
Hitmaker Robert John “Mutt” Lange provided the awesome anthemic title track specially penned for them, ‘Dangerous’ is a Bryan Adams / Jim Vallance co-write arranged with a marvelous melody, while the terrific keyboard-filled AOR of ‘This Could Be The Night’ wasn’t completed until Journey ivory player Jonathan Cain came in…

LOVERBOY – Keep It Up [BGO digitally remastered]

Another request from some time ago and not easy to find, here’s the other 2-in-1 CD remastered reissue of LOVERBOY third and fourth albums: “Keep It Up / Lovin’ Every Minute Of It”. You can find “Loverboy / Get Lucky” at 0dayrox too.
Following up their first two multi-platinum albums, with third effort “Keep It Up” Loverboy continued their road to 80’s arena rock / AOR superstars.
Despite “Keep It Up” spawned 4 hit singles and went platinum, this is one of the less known Loverboy albums and yes, you guessed it, one of their best.
Not only in the songwriting department, but also…

PAGES – Pages 3 [Japanese remaster SHM-CD] Out Of Print

Requested by many here, the last, self-titled album by PAGES in its Japanese remastered edition on SHM-CD is a must have. This was a Limited Release which turned out of print soon. Not to be confused with the ’78 self-titled debut – this ‘Pages’ is their 1981, final album.
“Pages” not only is a superb AOR album, but also the sound of this remastered reissue on SHM-CD is terrific.
Before achieving world-wide success with Mr. Mister, Richard Page founded Pages alongside keyboardist / vocalist Steve George in the late Seventies. The duo released 3 delicious albums, being this last “Pages”, a true representation of pure US AOR / FM music from the early ’80s, a showcase of the best L.A. session musicians on show.
We have here masters like Jay Graydon on guitar, Neil Stubenhaus & Abraham Laboriel…

L.A. GUNS – L.A. Guns [Rock Candy Remastered & Reloaded]

These are among the most requested albums to be featured here; the two first releases by L.A. GUNSRemastered & Reloaded‘ by Rock Candy Records. Both are great, killer hard rock plates, but this, L.A. Guns self-titled debut is regarded by many as their best, without a doubt one of the best representations from the Sunset Strip Californian ’80s Hard Rock.
If you’re looking for the Godfather of the early Eighties L.A. hard rock scene, then guitarist Tracii Guns is your man. A hustler, a human dynamo and a hugely talented band leader, Tracii broad-shouldered his way onto the Hollywood Strip with a succession of fledgling acts – including Hollywood Rose, a band that evolved into the legendary Guns N’ Roses…

ROXX GANG – Things You’ve Never Done Before +5 [digitally remastered]

One of you asked for glam hard rockers ROXX GANG major label debut album 1998’s “Things You’ve Never Done Before“. The album was reissued / remastered in 2000’s.
Well, this is a rare CD reissue including that remastered audio plus 5 bonus tracks, rare singles and songs from their first indie recording. While isn’t an official reissue this is a professionally made, silver pressed CD and the quality is top notch, both in audio quality and the complete booklet.
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DRAMA – Breaking Away [digitally remastered / first time on CD] (2021)

Norway’s first boy band DRAMA was formed in 1982 in Larvik by Per Kristian Indrehus and Geir Olav ‘Gækki’ Bøkestad, Thomas Siqveland, Per Arne Strandbakken and Gunnar ‘Stikka’ Refsdal, all between 15 and 17 years old. The good thing is this was a special “boy band”: all were already skilled musicians and songwriters, inspired by the classic American rock sound and with a polished Westcoast / Soft FM sound that would have been the envy of many established acts.
While most the lyrics (English language) were written by the project mastermind and record company boss Audun Tylden, all music was composed & arranged by the guys.
Co-produced by reputed Svein Dag Hauge (LAVA), DRAMA got a lot of attention when this debut album “Breaking Away” was released in November 1982. This is the first time being released on CD, as part of the ‘Norske Albumklassikere 80-tallet’ series.
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