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SPEEDWAY BLVD. – Speedway Boulevard [Rock Candy remastered] full scans

Whichever way you shake a stick at it, the lone self-titled LP from studio creation SPEEDWAY BLVD. is arguably one of the greatest rocking albums from the beginning of the ’80s, which has received a great remastering treatment by Rock Candy Records. Speedway Blvd were a New York based act assembled by famed bubblegum impresarios Kasenetz and Katz. Looking to...

MICHAEL FLEXIG (Zeno) – Keeper Of The Flame [Japan Edition +3] + Euro Edition 3 Bonus Tracks (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

Now this is a real gem; we are presenting in exclusive “Keeper Of The Flame [Japan Edition +3]”, the disc the ‘voice of ZenoMICHAEL FLEXIG has put together with previously unreleased material from this fabulous band.
Flexig said; “with this album I’d like to show you for the first time the most classic, authentic and fundamental songs of the band Zeno in their original versions. Many of those recordings have never been released before.”
This Japanese Edition includes 3 exclusive tracks, however the European edition also packs 3 exclusive tracks… we have ’em all.
A Must Have
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MASTEDON (Elefante Bros) – Lofcaudio [Gold Disc Remastered reissue] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

After the success of their debut album in 1989, John and Dino Elefante released this “Lofcaudio” (1990), their second album with MASTEDON, on their own label. Now fully remastered and pressed on gold CD, “Lofcaudio [Gold Disc Remastered reissue]” also features an all-star cast, but most of them aren’t named because of legal issues with other record labels. “Lofcaudio” has four vocalists namely John Elefante, Dave Amato, Tom Bowes and James Dean Longacre, with the Amato and the great Michael Thompson on guitar, all of which are fitting the slick and polished AOR sound of this album perfectly.
Massive, full-scale AOR with lovely melodies, harmonies and layered sound straight out of the Kansas songbook.
Without a doubt one of the finest 1990 releases finally available again with a wonderful remastering.
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MASTEDON (Elefante Bros) – It’s A Jungle Out There +3 [Gold Disc Remastered reissue] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

John & Dino Elefante were, without a doubt, the best team producer of 80s American AOR bands with a CCM origin. The bros. formed their own band as well, MASTEDON, and their 1989 debut album ‘It’s A Jungle Out There‘ is a classic from the genre.
This 2020 Girder Records reissue on gold disc encapsulates all the magic of the original release now with the ultimate remaster done by John Elefante himself. The CD includes 3 Bonus Tracks, one of these an exclusive track for now collectible ‘California Metal’ LP.
Featuring the likes of David Pack (Ambrosia) on lead vocals, talented guitarist Dave Amato (REO Speedwagon, Danger Danger) who also provide vocals, or virtuoso bass player John Patitucci, this remastered reissue is A MUST for fans of pure, unadulterated late ’80s AOR perfection.
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HEAVY PETTIN’ – The Big Bang +2 [Cherry Red Remastered + Unreleased] (2019) *EXCLUSIVE*

All 3 HEAVY PETTIN’ Eighties albums have been reissued at the end of 2019, remastered and with bonus tracks on Burnt Out Wreckords via Cherry Red Records. We already featured Heavy Pettin’ 2 first, now it’s time for their third and last 80s LP “The Big Bang”, including previously unreleased bonus.
Originally appeared in 1989, “The Big Bang +2 [Cherry Red Remastered + Unreleased]” sees the band fully embracing the AOR sound production of that magic year, hugely layered, plenty of keyboards and sing-along choruses.
HIGHLY Recommended
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HELIX – No Rest For The Wicked [Rock Candy remastered] Full scans

These were requested several times in some post comments: HELIX ’80s most relevant albums ‘Remastered & Reloaded‘ by Rock Candy Records. One of the hardest working acts in Rock multi-hued history, Canadian five-piece Helix pretty much spent their major label years out on the road, showing that the tour-album-tour routine could indeed be made to work. After a couple of...

RIOT – Rock World ; Rare & Unreleased 87-95 [Digipak] (2020)

Guitar-driven songs, propelled by a shared conviction and a true love of music, is only one way to describe the latest album from metal soldiers RIOT / Mark Reale. Titled “Rock World ; Rare & Unreleased 87-95” here we have archive cuts from 1987-1995, a very interesting period for the band, hard rocking.
Freshly remastered, these are finished / properly recorded songs never used, alternate versions, and recordings of known songs but featuring featuring vocalist Tony Moore, so the audio quality is excellent (not demos)

HOLY SOLDIER – Holy Soldier +2 [Remastered from master tapes] (2019)

As requested, here’s the recent remastered reissue of HOLY SOLDIER‘s debut album “Holy Soldier +2″ freshly remastered, including two additional bonus tracks found only on this CD version, limited to 500 copies. “Holy Soldier” is one of the finest pieces of late 80s / early 90s American hard rock, edgy and riff driven but also melodic n’ catchy. Highly Recommended...

HOLY SOLDIER – Last Train [25th Anniversary Remastered reissue]

And here’s the other requested remastered reissue from HOLY SOLDIER; their second album “Last Train“. One of CCM rock most influential acts of the late Eighties and early Nineties – in terms of quality on par with Stryper – ‘Last Train’ shows a band at the peak of their prowess. All the years of slugging it out in the L.A....

DEF LEPPARD – The Early Years [Japan SHM-CD Box Set Remastered & Unreleased] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

The Early Years 79-81’ 5-disc boxset represents DEF LEPPARD’s first two albums, ‘On Through The Night’ (1980) and ‘High ‘N’ Dry’ (1981), and with 3 extra discs including previously unreleased material, it’s the definitive collection of the band’s early music.
The release has been prepared in conjunction with singer Joe Elliott, while the remastering has been done by the band’s long serving sound engineer Ronan McHugh.
This Japanese box with all 5 discs pressed on SHM-CD sounds fabulous.
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DIZZY LANE – Cheap Thrills + It Ain’t Easy [Digitally Remastered] (2018)

This remastered reissue of USA melodic hard rockers DIZZY LANE packs every song the band ever laid to tape, including their first EP ‘It Ain’t Easy’ and full length album ‘Cheap Thrills’, plus two unreleased tracks. While both albums sold very well despite of being indie released (Dizzy Lane were signed by Mercury / Polygram but the deal dropped) over...

JEFF LORBER – Step By Step +4 [Japan AOR CITY 1000 series] *EXCLUSIVE*

It took some time, but this request from several months ago it’s finally here in exclusive at 0dayrox: JEFF LORBER‘s mid-80s album “Step By Step” as part of the stupendous “AOR CITY 1000 series” remastered reissue campaign by Sony Music Japan.
The CD sound quality is excellent, and includes four bonus tracks for all Eighties maniacs rejoice.
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ROSE TATTOO – The 1980 Lost Album ‘Scarred For Life’ [official remaster] (2019)

This limited edition CD of 500 copies issued by Aussie Rock Archives has the ROSE TATTOO original ‘Scarred For Life1980 recording rejected by their record label, claiming that was not commercial enough and specially for the ‘too gross lyrics’.
The band put aside this recording that only survived until today on a few cassette tapes, and from this album only a few ideas were used for the band’s 1981 album Assault And Battery.
Not to be confused; in 1982 Rose Tattoo used the title ‘Scarred For Life’ for their third album but from this 1980 recording the only thing in common is just the title.
There’s a copy of the tape circulating for years traded among fans, but this is the actual CD release cleaned & ‘remastered’ to get the best possible audio quality.

RETURN – V (AOR Heaven Digitally Remastered 2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

AOR Heaven Records has just remasteredV“ (Five), probably the best album of Norwegian melodic rockers RETURN, featured here in exclusive at 0dayrox.
The record sounds way ‘more international’ than Return’s first four efforts, as it successfully combines the typical American stadium rock sound with a little bit of British hard in the vein of Whitesnake, and the band’s signature Scandinavian AOR style.
Produced by expert Ole Evenrude and including backing vocals by Jorn Lande, this is a must listen for all Melodic Rock / AOR fans.
Strictly limited to 1000 copies.
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED / Only at 0dayrox

HELIX – Walkin’ The Razor’s Edge +3 [Rock Candy remastered] Full Scans

These were requested several times in some post comments: HELIX ’80s most relevant albums ‘Remastered & Reloaded‘ by Rock Candy Records. “Walkin’ The Razor’s Edge” was Helix 2nd album with Capitol Records, and they went around the world with the hit ‘Rock You’. With their major label debut album No Rest For The Wicked racking up healthy sales and great...