THE FIRM – Firmly Rare (0dayrox compilation) *EXCLUSIVE*

And even more rare THE FIRM is featured into this own 0dayrox compilation “Firmly Rare“, including the collectible ‘Special Extended Remix’ of the hit single ‘Radioactive’ (very ’80s), the non album B-side ‘City Sirens’ – originally from Jimmy Page’s Death Wish II film soundtrack, but here performed by Paul Rodgers during The Firm’s Hammersmith Odeon show on Dec. 9th, 1984 – and several demo / alt versions of songs from the two The Firm albums, all with very good sound quality.
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THE FIRM – Superstar Concert Series [Westwood One radio-only 0dayrox LP-rip] *EXCLUSIVE*

And here we have more Jimmy Page / THE FIRM: the exclusive ”Superstar Concert Series Westwood One Radio” LP’s. There’s two The Firm shows recorded (one from 1985, the other 1986), pressed on 3-vinyl LP’s each for radio broadcast only – not for sale.
What we are presenting here are vinyl-rips made by the 0dayrox team for your listening pleasure. The sound quality is amazing, like a major label release, A++
A true collector’s item
Only at 0dayrox

STAN BUSH & BARRAGE – Stan Bush & Barrage [Collectors Edition +8] *EXCLUSIVE*

If you are a true AOR fan, all the blabbermouth below is unnecessary… STAN BUSH & BARRAGE self-titled 1987 is an absolute classic of the genre. While the Rock Candy Records remaster is excellent, this rare ‘Collectors Edition‘ including 8 bonus tracks is a must have as well.
In 1987 Stan signed to the Scotti Brothers label but this time under the handle of Stan Bush & Barrage, a ruse designed to toughen up his image and present a sharper, band identity to the record buying public.
Produced by veteran Richie Wise (Kiss) and utilising a number of key session players…

YES – High Vibration SACD Box [Japan Ed. Bonus Disc WPCR-14678]

Appeared in 2013 and out of print now, this Japanese limited edition box set titled “High Vibration” packed 16 YES discs pressed on hybrid SACD of Yes material from 1969 to 1987, featuring all of the band’s studio albums from that time period all in replica paper-sleeve packaging, plus this awesome Bonus Disc of rarities, bonus tracks and remixes. The…

SKIN – Hasta La Vista, Baby! [Japanese Edition Remastered] Out Of Print

As requested, here’s another hard to find / out of print album by UK melodic hard rockers SKIN. “Hasta La Vista, Baby!” was recorded at London’s La Two on 26th April 1998, during the very last show on their farewell UK tour before they disbanded in good terms.
This Double-CD capture Skin at their best, rocking hard and with melody as driving force. As the original release was pretty raw in sound, for the Japanese market the tapes were remastered to get a more polished experience.
Rare and very good record, a collector’s item.

SKIN – Absolutely Live At The Borderline [Japanese reissue +3] RARE

As requested, here’s the Japan-only release of British melodic hard rockers SKIN album “Absolutely Live At The Borderline”. Here the band performs some awesome versions of Van Halem Deep Purple, Montrose and more classic songs showcasing how good these gals were, alongside Skin’s own hits.
But three years after its original release, an arrangement was done with Japan Victor Company for this reissue, including as bonus tracks studio songs only appeared on rare standalone singles.
Great band, great songs, and a great collectors item.

HURRICANE ALICE – Hurricane Alice ’86 LP + Hericane Alice ’88 demos

US hard rockers Hericane Alice are back 2020 with a new album, and we featured here as well their 1990’s major label debut, but few know the band released before a self-managed album in 1986 while still operated under the name HURRICANE ALICE. The band’s style at the moment was more hard rockin’ with a bluesy background, much in the vein of Great White first album.
“Hurricane Alice” only was released on 12” vinyl and never on CD, but our team members have done a very nice, clean LP-rip. We doubt you’ll find a better sounding version of this rare disc elsewhere.
As extra, we have the band’s – re-named Hericane Alice – first generation tape 1988 demos, which lead them to being signed by Atlantic Records.
Only at 0dayrox

KARLA (Goldman) – Karla [Out Of Print] RARE

As requested, here’s the only full length solo record by KARLA, a melodic hard rock / AOR album released by female singer / songwriter Karla Goldman. Released via Sisapa / Curb Records, unfortunately the label didn’t give to this album the push it deserved and it’s a shame, ‘cos in 1990 it easily could have work very well with its...

VOYAGE – Out There [Liv Hansson of Captain Black Beard] RARE

Formed more than fifteen years ago in Enköping, Sweden, VOYAGE started as touring cover band of 80s rock&pop hits. Experienced and well known songwriter Chris Antblad (Joe Lynn Turner, Eric Martin) approached the band offering some of his songs and to produce their debut album.
The result was ‘Out There‘, a 2012 CD release only distributed in Scandinavia. At the time, VOYAGE included as lead vocalist Liv Hansson (later in Captain Black Beard and other projects).
‘Out There’ delivers 13 songs of classic radio-friendly AOR / melodic rock with that trademark Scandinavian sound inspired in the ’80s style of these genres, wrapped by a clean production.

ROCK CITY ANGELS – Young Man’s Blues [Remastered] RARE

As requested, here’s the hard to find (over € 100 for a used copy) of ROCK CITY ANGELS“Young Man’s Blues” only remastered version by Gott Discs. Originally appeared in 1988 on major label Geffen, this was the very few times that a debut band got a double album released.
Often compared to Guns N’ Roses for marketing purposes, in fact these guys were much more bluesy hard rock oriented, clean and melodic. I love this album, and this remaster sounds fabulous.
Only at 0dayrox

LOVE ‘N REBELLION – Strange Behaviour (Out Of Print) RARE

This one was requested and it’s a rare piece from Australia: the first full length album by melodic rockers LOVE ‘N REBELLION tilted “Strange Behaviour“. Self-released in the mid-Nineties, this collector’s item CD is being sold for over U$S130.
These guys started as a band in the ’80s, and alongside their AOR / Melodic Rock influences from the era there’s a touch of rock&pop into the music.
With a different vocalist, they went on to become Nobody’s Fool in 2000’s, releasing some cool albums as well.

TOMMY FUNDERBURK (Airplay / King Of Hearts) – Wishing Well [Unreleased]

Japanese indie / club collectors label AOR Moon / West Coast Sun has just put out one of their own pressed CD’s with TOMMY FUNDERBURK’s unreleased album from the ’80s: “Wishing Well”. The sound quality is excellent. Tommy Funderburk not only was the voice on the Airplay iconic AOR masterpiece album, but also sung harmony vocals on the most famous...

PHIL CRISTIAN – No Prisoner [Swedish CD reissue +4]

This one is a request by one of you and pleasure to feature: PHIL CRISTIAN‘s solo album “No Prisoner” from 1988, in its hard to find reissue by a Swedish label including 4 previously unreleased tracks. While best known for being Cheap Trick’s keyboardist between 1982/1985, ‘Magic’ Cristian is a respected composer, arranger and producer.
Due his industry connections Cristian had a chance to record this solo album with the likes of Jason Scheff and Steve Salas as session musicians, a wonderful collection of own penned songs with that lovely US AOR sound production, plenty of keyboards and choruses akin Stan Bush, Aldo Nova, Jeff Paris et all.

BOW WOW #2 – Led By The Sun [Japan only release] Rare Albums

This is a request by one of you special for the section ‘Rare Albums’. Only released in Japan, and despite of being a 1996 album, “Led By The Sun” by BOW WOW #2 has become very hard to find. This is a quite unknown album in Europe & America as well, and a killer hard rockin’ one. So you better...

MARK BAKER DEMOS feat. Mark Free, James Christian & more *EXCLUSIVE*

Perhaps for the regular listener the name MARK BAKER doesn’t ring a bell at all, however AOR connoisseurs are aware the man has written some of the greatest songs for the genre. An album with his compositions is about to be released soon, but we have our own 0dayrox compilation (all this material comes from our OWN collection). During the...