THE THROBS – Proud To Be Loud [1st album 1986 / 0dayrox vinyl rip]

With the Rock Candy remaster of THE THROBS‘ major label album featured here, some of you asked for the band’s first record “Proud To Be Loud“, appeared in 1986.
Now very rare, this was a limited 500 copies – vinyl only – press via Precision Records. This was the time when the band rocked in their native Canada before moving to USA.
Musically, they were much more raw, with a glam punky sleazy sound which was instantly adored by headbangers for their adrenaline charged, wasted tunes like “Nuclear Attack”, “I Do What I Want” and “Here Comes The Night”.
Almost impossible to find vinyl, ripped by the 0dayrox team.
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ONE WAY STREET – Dangerous Curves (1993) [rare]

As requested, here’s the rare private release by American melodic rockers ONE WAY STREET, their only album titled ”Dangerous Curves” from 1993. The band was conceived in the second half of the ’80s as a ‘high energy rock band” that performed covers with an original flair.
Although through the years the band had many personnel changes, it’s core, singer Mike Wallace and drummer Keith Hanson, remained focused and determined to make it big. The latter part of 1991 saw their persistence pay off with the addition of Bob Toner. Bob’s rock steady guitar licks brought solidity to One Way Street’s rhythm section as well as a melodic addition to Mike’s vocals.
Midway through 1993 the band recorded by themselves “Dangerous Curves” with fine production & mix, looking for a record label and plans to establish in California.
While that never happened as the rock music industry was changing at the time, One Way Street real focus was on the live shows and what they can do with, and for, the audience, by capitalizing on their strengths; powerful melodic vocals, moving rhythms, cool hooks and tasteful leads…

CAROUSEL – Round & Round (unreleased)

As requested, here’s the rare material from Austin, Texas based act CAROUSEL which operated between 1988 – 1994. This is the cassette-only album the band released in 1992, with quite good sound quality.
Style-wise CAROUSEL were classic melodic hard rock similar to HAREM SCAREM, GARRISON, DOKKEN, etc, with strong songwriting, catchy melodies and very good musicianship.
Despite opening for national acts such as TRIXTER, SAIGON KICK, PAT TRAVERS (to name a few), being featured at Metal Edge’s “Rock on the Rise”, and some labels showed interest, CAROUSEL didn’t secured a recording contract as the musical climate in America was already changing…

DAN HILL – Love In The Shadows [rare only CD version made in Japan] (1984)

Alongside the requested new DAN HILL album, you asked for his 1984 album “Love In The Shadows“. This is Hill’s most ‘AOR’ sounding album, never released in America due some legal troubles. And we have the only CD pressing ever appeared, this German release but the disc manufactured in Japan.
Renowned singer-songwriter Daniel Hill born in Ontario, Canada, of US parents. Throughout his career has won a Grammy, five Canadian Junos, five SOCAN Awards for outstanding radio airplay, six ASCAP Awards and one BMI Award for airplay in the USA.
As solo artist is mostly known by smooth L.A WestCoast hits, but around 1983 he couldn’t resist the sound that was ruling the airwaves: “Love In The Shadows” is his more AOR, ‘hip’ album to date, with that classy keyboards, reverb drums and pristine production sound…

GIUFFRIA – III ‘Pleasure Palace’ (the Unreleased third album) + extras

If there was a band epitomizing the AOR / Melodic Rock keyboard-driven style & sound in America, that was GIUFFRIA without a doubt. Founded by ex-Angel keyboardist Gregg Giuffria, the group released two celebrated albums between 1984-86.
In 1987 the Giuffria recorded pre-production tracks for a third album tentatively named Pleasure Palace that never was. This compilation feature most of these recordings, some of them later appeared in Giuffria vocalist David Glen Eisley’s solo release called The Lost Tapes, others remain officially unreleased.
As extras we have the three songs composed & recorded by Giuffria for the movie ”Gotcha!”, plus a nice Giuffria live recording (good soundboard quality) taped in 1985…

VIXEN – Rare Vixen ; The B-sides, Outtakes, Soundtrack & Unreleased [0dayrox exclusive]

As requested, here’s our own compilation, rips and audio fix of VIXEN rarities ; “Rare Vixen ; The B-sides, Outtakes, Soundtrack & Unreleased“.
This 0dayrox compilation includes 7” versions, B-sides, 12” official Extended Versions, studio outtakes, and some little gems; the songs the then unknown Vixen recorded for the ‘Hardbodies’ movie soundtrack (1984), ripped from VHS with very good audio quality – the song ‘Runnin” is just awesome.
0dayrox always give you more… great collector’s stuff.
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JOE LYNN TURNER – The Japanese maxi-singles [out of print non album tracks]

After featuring here some JOE LYNN TURNER rare album editions, it was requested as well the rare CD-singles he released in Japan as solo artist. These are 1999’s ‘Waiting For A Girl Like You‘, 2001’s ‘Challenge Them All‘, and 2006’s ‘The One‘, all including exclusive songs.
For his ‘Under Cover 2’ – an album of covers of classic songs – Turner’s Japanese label released as single Joe’s version of Foreigner’s hit ‘Waiting For A Girl Like You’. The CDs includes two ‘B-sides’ never appeared into any other album at the moment, featuring talented Al Pitrelli and Tony Bruno (Danger Danger, Saraya) on guitars.
‘Challenge Them All’ was in fact a song recorded for a Japanese commercial, promoting…

DEF LEPPARD – Re-Recordings 2012-2013 + rare B-Sides [0dayrox compilation / 7″ rips]

Some of you asked for DEF LEPPARD re-recordings of their biggest hits ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’, ‘Rock Of Ages’ and ‘Hysteria’, done before the band arranged the digital availability of their discography – now all these re-recordings have been retired and have become a collectors piece.
Well, here they are, plus the exclusive iTunes ‘Acoustic Medley 2012’ and the band’s very hard to find B-sides never appeared into any reissue / compilation, ripped from vinyl 7″ but the 0dayrox team.
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CHERIE (Sweden) – Cherie [unreleased] *EXCLUSIVE*

As requested, here’s the rare, mysterious album never released by Swedes CHERIE. The album is professionally recorded apparently between 1989-1990 but never released, and details of the band / line up remain unknown.
What it isn’t mysterious is the type of music on offer here; quality Scandinavian melodic rock / AOR with the classy sound form the era ranging from Europe circa 1988 (Out Of This World album) to Talk Of The Town self-titled debut from the same year.
A ‘lost’ little gem from the golden period.

RAM JAM – Ram Jam +1 [Golden Classics series remastered] + Black Betty (Remix) [Maxi-CD single]

As requested, here’s the rare, out of print, only remastered version of RAM JAM classic debut album “Ram Jam”, a Sony Music Special Products in association with Collectable Records / Golden Classics series release.
This release includes as bonus track the album’s hit single ‘Black Betty’ 7” B-side, the non album song ‘I Should Have Known’ for the first time on CD. A true collectible.
But 0dayrox always give you more, and we have the ever rarer ”Black Betty (Remix) [Maxi-CD single]” appeared in 1989, an official release including an ’80s remix of the famous song.
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STINGRAY – Operation Stingray [rare German CD reissue w/ bonus] *EXCLUSIVE*

Few posts ago we featured in exclusive the remastered reissue of STINGRAY‘s first album, and if you love that brand of early ’80s pompy AOR / melodic rock, you need as well the band’s second and final record: “Operation Stingray“, in this rare, out of print CD reissue released during the past decade including a bonus track.
More commercial that the debut and in tune with the sound from band if this ilk like NEW ENGLAND, STYX, LE ROUX and BOSTON, “Operation Stingray” packs a set of catchy song plenty of swirling keys / synths and hooky melodic rock riffs.
While not remastered, this CD reissue has a stupendous output, and the harmony-layered bonus track is one of the standout numbers.
Awesome ’80s pompy AOR, and a collectors piece.
Only at 0dayrox

L.A. GUNS – Live! Vampires [Music On CD reissue / first time outside Japan] *EXCLUSIVE*

Music On CD has done a very interesting reissue, L.A. GUNS first live album “Live! Vampires“, previously only released in Japan back in 1992.
All tracks were recorded in August 1991 at two shows in the United States; Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre in Irvine, California, and unken Gardens in San Antonio, Texas. The disc also includes two studio tracks, produced by the band’s album Hollywood Vampires recording engineer Michael James Jackson.
While L.A. Guns later released some live albums, in our opinion ”Live! Vampires” is the best L.A. Guns live release, as it captures the band back in their heyday, right before grunge took over and changed the music industry.
It’s a collectible that really worth to own, and really rocks.
Only at 0dayrox

JEFF SCOTT SOTO – 24th Of June: Alive ‘N Kissing [Rare promo only CD]

In the mid-1990s, when JEFF SCOTT SOTO released his debut solo album ‘Love Parade’, the record company decided to organize a press conference and invite many reporters from various countries. That was the way that many people could gather in one room and ask many different questions and find out everything they wanted to know.
And just before it happened Soto and his musicians, including Gary Schutt, Michael Voss, and Takara’s Neal Grusky, decided that it could be interesting to play an acoustic set after all the questions were answered. So the set was recorded, and released under the title “Alive ‘N Kissing“, but in very small quantities – a collectors item now.
It’s very cool hearing Jeff Scott Soto performing songs of Journey, Takara, or Prince, and enjoy his unique voice.

MOON DOG MANE (Frank Hannon) – Turn It Up! [rare promo CD]

As requested, here’s “Turn It Up!”, the only album released by MOON DOG MANE, the band formed by Tesla guitarist Frank Hannon when he left the band. This is the rare promo-only CD distributed to radio stations to test the water.
Two songs got strong airplay on US rock radio, so Hannon decided to release the album with different artwork and the title track peaked at No. 36 on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock chart, and “I Believe” peaked at No. 38.
“Turn It Up!” is a great collection of gritty, melodic radio-ready rock songs that not only feature Hannon’s famous guitar style, but also handling keyboards, producing, mixing and mastering.


Here’s another request, the rare only album from American Melodic Hard Rockers SINNOCENCE, titled “State Of Grace“. Formed in 1989 in Union County, and playing throughout the New York and New Jersey club scene, SINNOCENCE garnered a reputation as one of the hottest bands from the East.
Support slots alongside the likes of Kix, Tyketto, LA Guns, Shy and Danger Danger saw them moving amongst the big boys as they ventured into the studio to cut their “State Of Grace” debut-album.
Professionally recorded at Jungle Studios in Union, NJ, and released in ’93, the album packs really good melodic tunes with that second half of the Eighties feel-good vibe in the vein of Danger Danger, Black’n’Blue, White Lion, Trixter, etc.
Despite this style of polished rock started to fade around 1992 in the consideration of major recording labels, SINNOCENCE stay true to their origins and the album is a delicious piece of classy MHR with AOR touches.