BLUE YONDER (Sandy Stewart) – Blue Yonder (1987) [0dayrox own LP rip]

Many of you keep requesting female-fronted albums from the 80s, especially that hard to find. BLUE YONDER‘s self titled 1987 LP is one of them.
Produced by Arif Mardin and John Brand it was originally intended to be Sandy Stewart’s second solo album but instead ended up as a ‘band’ project co-credited to her and multi-instrumentalist David Munday. Stewart is a renowned composer, arranger and vocal coach having worked with Tina Turner, Stevie Nicks, Fleetwood Mac, Belinda Carlisle and countless more, plus many Movie Soundtracks.
“Blue Yonder” is pure second half of the ’80s American Lite AOR / rock&pop, with a warm production and Sandy’s velvety vocals all over the harmonies palette.
Never released on CD and a very hard to find LP, this is a great vinyl-rip done by the 0dayRock team (thanks DR!). HIGHLY Recommended
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BRITNY FOX – In America [first recording / cassette only 1986]

After several posts regarding rockers BRITNY FOX, some of you asked for another rarity; their first ever recording titled “In America“. Including songs later re-worked for their major label debut LP – one song is exclusive to this release though – this 1986 recording was released by themselves in limited quantities only.
In fact, ”In America” appeared on Wolfe Records, a small label founded by Britny Fox’s manager Brian Kushner, and Bill Haigh (owner of the Hollywood Galaxy Club) to promote bands.
The album only was released on Cassette – the vinyl LP floating around is a bootleg – and this is the actual cover artwork.
Ripped and cleaned by the 0dayrox team for your listening (and collector’s) pleasure (thanks DR!)
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BRITNY FOX – Gudbuy T’ Dean [1989 FM broadcast / only at Britny Fox Records] *EXCLUSIVE*

Now we are presenting a collectors item to complete your BRITNY FOX discography: “Gudbuy T’ Dean“, an Official Fan Club only release. The only place to get this was Britny Fox’s website or at shows.
‘Gudbuy T’ Dean’ – named after the song ‘Gudbuy T’ Jane’ from Britny Fox’s first album – refers to one of the last shows featuring original vocalist Dizzy Dean Davidson.
This is a recording of a 1989 FM broadcast while thew band was promoting their second album. This tape never was released on any format except this limited BF Records CD. This is the only BF live recording available featuring Dizzy Dean Davidson.
The sound quality is pretty good, and as a curiosity, the broadcast ended before they could play their biggest hit at the time; ‘Girlschool’.
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DRAMA – Scene From A Distance (1985) [0dayrox own rip]

Another long lost 80s album has been requested, never officially released on CD; American band DRAMA and their only album “Scene From A Distance” from 1985. There’s a bootleg circulating, but we had the chance to rip the LP by ourselves with great results.
This female-fronted radio-ready melodic rock band lead by the excellent Susanne Jerome Taylor – she did countless backing vocals as session musician – and her husband Pat Taylor, delivered here a wonderful slice of mid-Eighties magic, upbeat catchy songs to die for.
A great ’80s cult album.
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PLATINUM – Iceman (1990) [Rare Albums]

As requested, here’s the only – and quite rare – CD from American rockers PLATINUM titled “Iceman“. The band recorded a demo in 1989 for shopping labels, and while resulted pretty difficult to get a deal in the overcrowded US scene, the 5-piece finally did it the next year.
PLATINUM hails from New Jersey, but the album was recorded in Canada, and then released by a German label. A lot of struggle, but it was worth it.
“Iceman” enlisted virtuoso guitarist Vick LeCar (who later worked with Joe Lynn Turner among others) and their music is pure American metal with a glam touch (take a look at the band’s picture below).
It’s riff-driven, groovy classic US metal with melody, some keyboard flourishes to provide melody, and even there’s cowbell on the catchiest songs.
One of the good things on…

THICK RICHARD – Fire It Up [Retrospect Records first time on CD]

As requested, we have here the debut album from American melodic hard rockers THICK RICHARD titled “Fire It Up“, for the first time on CD reissued by Retrospect Records. This 5-piece was formed in 1985 in Sacramento, California, from the ashes of a local band called Front Runner, and inspired by the Arena rock US acts from the era.
While this facetiously named band started playing pretty straight hard rock, the trend of the moment was mainstream Melodic Rock / AOR and you can hear these genres throughout their debut “Fire It Up”, which it was recorded between 1986-87 but released in 1988 by themselves., feel-good stuff with an American flavor circa 1985-86…

THICK RICHARD – Back On Track [Retrospect Records first time on CD]

As requested, we have here “Back On Track”, the second and final album from American melodic hard rockers THICK RICHARD, for the first time on CD reissued by Retrospect Records. This 5-piece formed in the mid-Eighties in Sacramento, California, from the ashes of a local band called Front Runner, and inspired by the Arena rock US acts from the era.
Their first album was influenced by the US Melodic Rock / AOR sound of the era, but this second effort is much more traditional hard rock oriented, with a certain bluesy flavor to it bringing to mind Y&T.
That classic hard rock sound is delivered on songs like…

MATTADOR – Save Us From Ourselves [original version 1991 different tracks] *EXCLUSIVE*

Puerto Rican melodic hard rock band MATTADOR 1994’s album ”Save Us From Ourselves” was requested and posted at 0dayrox, but few know the band already recorded an early version of the album in 1991, only released in their homeland and very much sought after by collectors.
Production is very good as well for an indie, and half of the tracks on this “Save Us From Ourselves [original version 1991]” are not present in the 94 re-recording. What it isn’t different is MATTADOR talent to play awesomely and craft terrific melodies.
The overall style is slightly more Melodic Rock oriented than the later re-recordings, and among the pearls of the songs exclusive to this ’91 version there’s the fantastic ‘The Hurting Is Over’, a keyboard-driven AOR tune with a pure ’80s vibe all over.
HIGHLY Recommended
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MATTADOR – Save Us From Ourselves [re-recorded 1994 / ‘International version’]

As requested, here’s a must listen rarity: “Save Us From Ourselves“, the re-recording of MATTADOR‘s album “Save Us From Ourselves” from 1991, a very hard to find private release.
MATTADOR hails from Puerto Rico, but I guarantee these guys doesn’t sound like Ricky Martin at all. Instead, this 5-piece play an awesome blend of hard rock with melodic progressive and some AOR waves all over the record.
Despite its indie origin, the production sound of this 1994 CD is great, with the album receiving rave reviews in Europe and Japan, achieving a cult status. This is the re-recording of the the original release from 1991.
You don’t see too many rock bands coming out of Puerto Rico do you? Well here’s one. And a really good one. It’s spectacular progressive melodic rock all the way. Musically really original, to mention some reference think Mr.BIG, EXTREME, the commercial side of QUEENSRYCHE and some DREAM THEATER circa ‘Images & Words’.
Singer Tony Collazo sings in perfect English, with a rich vocal texture ranging from Ted Poley and Gary Cherone, to Russell Arcara and… oh, in the more melodic songs… Steve Perry. Guitarist Miguel Angel Rodriguez is second to none…

MATTADOR – Quien Nos Salvará [Save Us From Ourselves Spanish version] [2020 reissue] *EXCLUSIVE*

To complete the request of MATTADOR‘s album ‘Save Us From Ourselves’, here’s the just released 2020 for the first time digitally the band’s very first release of the album, originally recorded at the end of the ’80s with Spanish lyrics and titled ”Quien Nos Salvará”.
It’s curious and fun to listen to the songs from ‘Save Us From Ourselves’ into a different language context, and how much the band evolved technically.
Only released on physical cassette, the production quality is pretty good, and while we largely prefer the 1991 & 1994 versions of thse tunes, a good song is always a good song.
A collectible, Only at 0dayrox

AC/DC – Shot In The Dark (2020 single) + first rare AC/DC 7” with Dave Evans + Rarities

AC/DC have returned with their first new song in nearly six year years, “Shot In The Dark,” the lead single from their highly anticipated upcoming album ‘Power Up’. The song, as soon as it starts up, straight away, it’s classic AC/DC. Indeed, the track boils over with the band’s signature brand of energy, including fiery riffs and arena-ready vocals.
As extra we have the rare first AC/DC single ever, the Australian 7” ‘Can I Sit Next To You Girl’ with Dave Evans on lead vocals, with excellent sound quality, plus one of the very early Bon Scott shows with the band (sound quality A++)

SHEER GREED (ex Girl, feat Phil Collen) – Sublime To The Ridiculous [Japan Edition]

As requested, here’s ”Sublime To The Ridiculous‘, the only studio album released by SHEER GREED, a short-lived British hard rock band formed in 1992 by former Girl members Gerry Laffy, Simon Laffy and Pete Barnacle. The band was named after the GIRL album Sheer Greed.
Recorded at DEF LEPPARD frontman Joe Elliott’s house/studio in Dublin and engineered by the band’s house engineer Pete Woodroffe, the album’s executive producer was Def Lepp Phil Collen, who also contributed several guitar solos and vocals.
”Sublime To The Ridiculous” was made exactly 10 years after GIRL split up and has been the nearest thing that will (likely) ever be to a reunion.
There’s a guest appearance from LA GUNS’ Philip Lewis on…

SHEER GREED (ex Girl) – Live In London [Japan Edition]

As requested, here’s ”Live In London”, the live record SHEER GREED released only in Asia a year after their only studio album ”Sublime To The Ridiculous’, featuring DEF LEPPARD’s Phil Collen.
SHEER GREED was formed by ex GIRL members Gerry Laffy, bother Simon Laffy and Pete Barnacle. The band played a lot of gigs between 1992-93, so it’s really strange their albums weren’t released in Europe.
”Live In London” documents SHEER GREED hot performance on stage, augmented with the addition of lead guitarist Neil Gabbitas.
Rare album, out of print.

THE FIRM – Firmly Rare (0dayrox compilation) *EXCLUSIVE*

And even more rare THE FIRM is featured into this own 0dayrox compilation “Firmly Rare“, including the collectible ‘Special Extended Remix’ of the hit single ‘Radioactive’ (very ’80s), the non album B-side ‘City Sirens’ – originally from Jimmy Page’s Death Wish II film soundtrack, but here performed by Paul Rodgers during The Firm’s Hammersmith Odeon show on Dec. 9th, 1984 – and several demo / alt versions of songs from the two The Firm albums, all with very good sound quality.
Grab and collect… Only at 0dayrox

THE FIRM – Superstar Concert Series [Westwood One radio-only 0dayrox LP-rip] *EXCLUSIVE*

And here we have more Jimmy Page / THE FIRM: the exclusive ”Superstar Concert Series Westwood One Radio” LP’s. There’s two The Firm shows recorded (one from 1985, the other 1986), pressed on 3-vinyl LP’s each for radio broadcast only – not for sale.
What we are presenting here are vinyl-rips made by the 0dayrox team for your listening pleasure. The sound quality is amazing, like a major label release, A++
A true collector’s item
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