THE OUTFIELD – Any Time Now [Limited Web Edition / Different Mix + 9 Extra Tracks] *EXCLUSIVE*

Few days ago we featured here the reissue of THE OUTFIELD’s hard to find album ‘Any Time Now’, then one of you requested this rarity: “Any Time Now [Limited Web Edition]”.
This version of the album was released by the band via their website, and not only includes 9 extra tracks, but also the rest of the songs sport a (very) different mix / recorded parts.
Of course, this version is out of print.
RARE collector’s item
Only at 0dayrox

COASTLINE (Sweden) – Coastline +1 [Japan Edition] + Extra Bonus [Rare Albums]

Featured into one of the Munich Hardest Hits volumes posted here some weeks ago, one of you asked for Swedish female fronted Melodic Rock band COASTLINE. Released in 2003, their sole self-titled album has become hard to find, even more this out of print Japanese edition, which includes an exclusive bonus track.
As extra, we added the bonus song for the European edition.
“Coastline +1 [Japan Edition]” is one of the best female fronted albums appeared in 2000’s delivering purest AOR / Melodic Rock in the vein of WITNESS, ALYSON AVENUE, HEART and the first two TONE NORUM records.
Only at 0dayrox

SKYHIGH – Tales From The Crib (1996) Rare Albums

Here’s this requested rarity, “Tales From The Crib“, the only album by indie US Melodic Hard Rockers SKYHIGH, released by themselves in the Nineties. Being sold at eBay for over $ 250, this is a collectors piece and well worth the listen. The style on “Tales From The Crib” has been compared to Warrant, mainly because Steve Carnevale’s vocal color...

BADLANDS – Time Goes By [Japan Only Single AMDY-5061] (1991) + Live ’89 *EXCLUSIVE*

And here’s the rare, only released in Japan BADLANDS CDsingle “Time Goes By”. The song was recorded during the second album sessions, and instead of releasing it as a B-side, it’s so good that Jake & the record label decided to shoot it as main single. The CDs wasn’t released outside Asia, and the song isn’t available on any other format. Even the Rock Candy remasters didn’t lists “Time Goes By”. It’s housed into a ‘Longbox paperboard packaging’ (remember these?). A Collectors item.
As extra we added something special: there’s not an official Badlands live recording, which is a shame because the band was incredible. Here’s a rare tape captured at a Tokyo ’89 show, with enhanced sound tweaked by one of 0dayrox members.
Darn, just listen to the 11+ minute version of “Streets Cry Freedom”; Ray Gillen is at his peak, Greg Chaisson short but killer ‘bass guitar’ solo, Eric Singer smashing the skins, and Jake E. Lee goin’ crazy the during the last section… impressive band.
Only at 0dayrox

PEPPY CASTRO (Balance / Wiggy Bits) – Just Beginning [Rare]

We think at 0day that after the recent Wiggy Bits post you need to check out vocalist PEPPY CASTRO latest solo album “Just Beginning”, a really good slice of classic rock with melody and a Seventies / Eighties feeling all over. “Just Beginning” was released via a small label in limited quantities and it’s quite hard to find. Peppy Castro...

KILL CITY DRAGONS – Kill City Dragons [CD Version] (1990) + Unreleased Extras *EXCLUSIVE*

Cult band and cult album now very hard to find, this a fulfill request of KILL CITY DRAGONS self-titled album in its CD version, with the addition of 0dayrox exclusive 4 tracks taken from a live show. Kill City Dragons born in London in 1989 by former members of The Lords of the New Church Dave Tregunna (bass) & Danny...

MUNICH’s HARDEST HITS – Melodic Rock Is Back Vol. 7 / Out Of Print

Here’s Volume 7 from the legendary series “MUNICH’s HARDEST HITS / Melodic Rock Is Back“, compilation CD’s put together German label Point Music Records, Rock It! Magazine, and one of the first internet Rock radio: MUNICH’s HARDEST HITS. During the past decade and with the resurgence of the genre, they released the “Melodic Rock Is Back” 10-CD series featuring new...

The Lost Melodic Jewels Vol.1 : TANZEN – Piece By Peace +4 (1986-2018) *EXCLUSIVE*

Now we have here in exclusive at 0dayrox a little pearl from Steelheart Memories Records ‘Lost Jewels Series’: produced by former APRIL WINE guitarist Gary Moffet and MINDSTORM producer Bill Szawlowski, back in 1986, “Piece By Peace” is the debut (and unique) album from Canadians TANZEN, featuring an incredible set of Classic ’80s AOR / Melodic Rock songs comparable to bands like SURGIN, early BON JOVI, or NIGHT RANGER (with the addition of some Van Halen-esque guitar and keyboards parts).
Including previously unreleased material and 2 newly recorded songs by the band, this is a released strictly limited to 500 copies, already out of print.

PHIL CRISTIAN – No Prisoner [Swedish CD reissue +4]

This one is a request by one of you and pleasure to feature: PHIL CRISTIAN‘s solo album “No Prisoner” from 1988, in its hard to find reissue by a Swedish label including 4 previously unreleased tracks. While best known for being Cheap Trick’s keyboardist between 1982/1985, ‘Magic’ Cristian is a respected composer, arranger and producer.
Due his industry connections Cristian had a chance to record this solo album with the likes of Jason Scheff and Steve Salas as session musicians, a wonderful collection of own penned songs with that lovely US AOR sound production, plenty of keyboards and choruses akin Stan Bush, Aldo Nova, Jeff Paris et all.

BOW WOW #2 – Led By The Sun [Japan only release] Rare Albums

This is a request by one of you special for the section ‘Rare Albums’. Only released in Japan, and despite of being a 1996 album, “Led By The Sun” by BOW WOW #2 has become very hard to find. This is a quite unknown album in Europe & America as well, and a killer hard rockin’ one. So you better...

MARK BAKER DEMOS feat. Mark Free, James Christian & more *EXCLUSIVE*

Perhaps for the regular listener the name MARK BAKER doesn’t ring a bell at all, however AOR connoisseurs are aware the man has written some of the greatest songs for the genre. An album with his compositions is about to be released soon, but we have our own 0dayrox compilation (all this material comes from our OWN collection). During the...

DOKKEN – Breakin’ The Chains [Original European Recording] *EXCLUSIVE*

Before the American debut LP ‘Breaking The Chains’ in 1983, DOKKEN originally released the disc on 1981 in Europe only on the French label Carrere Records, and titled “Breakin’ the Chains” (no ‘g’). This is the original European recording only available on vinyl LP. We have done our ‘own cleaning’ on this excellent rip, free of noises, so I doubt...

AVIATOR – The Sessions [2nd unreleased album] *EXCLUSIVE*

We featured some days ago in exclusive some unreleased 1989 recordings by mighty American AOR / melodic rockers AVIATOR. Now we have here from singer / songwriter Ernie White’s vault the entire demos – The Sessions [2nd unreleased album] – the band recorded between 1989/90. The audio quality is far superior than some circulating the web, and the material on...

ROULETTE featuring Bob Wheeler – If Time… [Lost US Jewels Vol.3]

Some great AOR & Melodic Rock acts – specifically in the Eighties / Nineties – both in UK and the US never got the luck they truly deserved. So this is the mission of Steelheart Memories Records with their “Lost UK / US Jewels” Collector’s Series; endeavor to bring you these ‘hidden treasures’ via Limited Edition Collector’s Volumes (500 copies...

LITTLE SISTER – Along The Way [Rare Albums]

Lately many of you have been requesting rare albums, indie releases in limited quantities, out of print, deleted, etc. So we decided to start some kind of a ‘Rare Albums’ section. One of the most ‘obscure’ of the recent requests is “Along The Way”, the third album by female fronted band LITTLE SISTER. Perhaps because it only was released in...