RANDY HANSEN – Randy Hansen [Rock Candy remastered & reloaded]

As requested, we have here the first time on CD / remastered & reloaded version from Rock Candy Records of RANDY HANSEN‘s self-titled debut LP “Randy Hansen“. Seattle-born Randy Hansen got some of his music featured in the film “Apocalypse Now”, which lead a recording contract with major label Capitol Records.
While pretty unknown for the masses, Randy Hansen is one of the greatest rock guitarists of our time. Sure, his name and work has inevitably been associated with fellow Seattle native Jimi Hendrix, but Hansen is not a mere clone having recorded here one of the most innovative hard rock albums of the early ’80s, a record that pretty much set standards for electric guitar playing in years to come.
Hansen first came…

RANDY HANSEN – Funtown (2016)

RANDY HANSEN is most notably known for his guitar virtuoso sound and interpretation of Jimi Hendrix, but the veteran axeman has musically a lot to say by his own. “Funtown” is Randy Hansen’s new album including 15 tracks of killer retro-fied, old-school heavy guitar rock mojo that will trip your good musical brain into the outskirts of infinity. It’s true...