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RAM JAM – Ram Jam +1 [Golden Classics series remastered] + Black Betty (Remix) [Maxi-CD single]

As requested, here’s the rare, out of print, only remastered version of RAM JAM classic debut album “Ram Jam”, a Sony Music Special Products in association with Collectable Records / Golden Classics series release.
This release includes as bonus track the album’s hit single ‘Black Betty’ 7” B-side, the non album song ‘I Should Have Known’ for the first time on CD. A true collectible.
But 0dayrox always give you more, and we have the ever rarer ”Black Betty (Remix) [Maxi-CD single]” appeared in 1989, an official release including an ’80s remix of the famous song.
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RAM JAM – Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Ram [Rock Candy Remastered & Reloaded]

As requested, here’s the Rock Candy Remastered & Reloaded release of British band RAM JAM second LP “Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Ram” for the first time on CD. Catapulted to huge international success as a result of their hit single, the stunningly infectious and universally praised, ‘Black Betty’, Ram Jam seemed poised for a career in the rock n’ roll fast lane.
This is a fine hard rock outing that is worthy of its cult reputation compared to the best work of Aerosmith, Montrose, Starz and Ted Nugent, and a treat for anyone who likes hard-driving classic rock music.
There was so much good hard rock in the late Seventies, this was up there with the best of them. Why this band didn’t became huge is beyond me, however there was a reason…